Tiger Woods apologizes to fans and family, reaffirms Buddhism

Tiger Woods finally broke his silence today, and I have to admit, I kind of liked how Tiger stood up for his religion, given the way right wing Christian anchorman turned televangelist Brit Hume milked his scandal last year. He also stood up for his wife, Elin, saying stories she cracked him across the face with a golf club aren’t true. In the lengthy statement, Woods denied using performance enhancing drugs, apologized to all the parents who used to hold him up as a role model for their kids, acknowledged being in therapy, and bluntly admitting he “cheated” on his wife, mainly because he felt entitled by his success to gratify his every wish. But the part that will get reaction from the right was when Tiger reaffirmed the values he was raised with by his mother, who is Thai. Well good for him. Oh, and as to when, or whether, he’ll return to golf, Tiger said he hopes to “someday.” Watch:

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Already, Tiger has managed to come off looking a whole lot better than his playthings, including mistress Rachel Uchitel, who has managed to turn nasty into a TV gig.

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