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‘Socialist’ Canadian healthcare good enough for sneaky Sarah

How “aboot” that. Sarah Palin hates “socialist,” government-run healthcare like those Canadians have there too also, so much that she and her family used to sneak across the border to use it, according to the Calgary Herald: “My first five … Continue reading

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Earth to wingers: the GOP thinks you’re nuts (and they’re living large off your money)

So this past Friday, I had the craziest conversation, with a right wing tea party/9-12 movement guy from Miami. He called me after I emailed a few tea party people in South and Central Florida to get their reactions to … Continue reading

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Morning clicks: nobody likes Liz, frackin’ A

Has Liz Cheney finally gone too far, with her “Al-Qaida Seven” gambit? Signs point to yes. Meanwhile, why isn’t her partner in crime, neocon chickenhawk Bill Kristol getting more heat? Meanwhile, it’s official: Eric Massa is a frackin’ idiot. And … Continue reading

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Happy Monday entertainment round-up: Oscars and SNL

I haven’t seen most of the movies that were nominated for Oscars, but still enjoyed the telecast last night, for the most part. On the list to see now: “The Hurt Locker” (first woman to win a directing Oscar, not … Continue reading

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