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Reconciliation bill posted, and it scores!

Politico has a decent summary of the newly posted reconciliation bill (plus the full text) with the key changes it makes to the Senate legislation. The CBO score looks good, and the vote is expected on Sunday, with the president … Continue reading

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Upgrade: ‘This Week’ goes to Amanpour

Finally, someone who can pronounce “Iran” and “Iraq” correctly. Way to turn the page, ABC! (You gave us a scare last week…) Christiane Amanpour will be the first woman to host a Sunday show, and I’m sure she’ll be great … Continue reading

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Marco Rubio’s bad mojo

A couple of weeks ago, I asked a prominent attorney involved in the case of an elected official who was charged with corruption for using his city-issued credit car for personal expenses, including dinners at Red Lobster with his girlfriend, … Continue reading

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Healthcare CBO score released with good news for Dems

From the New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn: Democrats in the administration and Congress have agreed on a set of amendments to the Senate health care bill. And, according to House leadership, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is certifying that the amendments … Continue reading

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Herald article today: my answer to Uncle Luke

It’s District 5 day for me today. My Herald column focuses on the very little the district has seen go right over the last few decades, and answers this column by Luther Campbell in the Miami New Times:

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Morning clicks: orange is the new bank, Stupak vs the nuns, Charlie advises Kendrick

If it’s Thursday, it must be time for an orange alert! John “moneybags” Boehner had some sage advice for his banker friends when he spoke before an enthusiastic crowd at an American Bankers Association “government relations” (that’s lobbying to you) … Continue reading

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