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Charlie climbs on board the Waterloo express: says he wants repeal too

Charlie Crist’s campaign wants you to know that Marco Rubio and Bill McCollum aren’t the only red hot messes in Florida who want to take away your barely one day old, newly won healthcare. He can do crazy with the … Continue reading

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Pastor who prayed for Obama’s death issues fatwa against pro-healthcare Dems

The American Taliban is back at it, whipped into a frenzy over healthcare reform … This time, it’s Pastor Wiley Drake, onetime vice presidential candidate to Alan Keyes (R-Insanity), who formerly sought God’s intercession for the death of President Obama, … Continue reading

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Stupak ‘baby killer’ heckler unmasked

TPM has the answer to one of the big healthcare uncivility whodunits (plus the statement from the culprit.) Now, will the racist spitters and screamers make like Rep. Neugebauer (lame excuses, birther bill and all) and step forward?

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Geraldo commits heresy: fails to accept healthcare bill is Marxist plot to destroy America

It’ll be the re-education camp for the Fox Mustache after this:

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McCollum’s folly: Florida Republicans will try and secede from healthcare reform

First came A.G. Bill McCollum’s announcement that he’ll lead a multi-state lawsuit to try and deprive his state’s residents of the healthcare reforms just passed by Congress. Now, McCollum’s friends in the state legislature are following suit. From a release … Continue reading

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Healthcare cowards. Will the spitter and the screamers come forward?

Stuff to watch today: will reporters be able to ID the member of the Texas delegation who screamed “baby killer!” at Bart Stupak? And will the person who spat on Rep. Emanuel Cleaver be identified or come forward? What about … Continue reading

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Bill McCollum to self-immolate in response to healthcare reform

Florida’s useless attorney Bill McCollum can’t be bothered to look into the possible criminal wrongdoing by members of his party who went to town with donor credit cards … he’s mum on the revival of leadership slush funds in Tallahassee … Continue reading

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RedState wingers double-down on “no,” demand Republicans repeal healthcare

RedState’s Erick Erickson was in full lather this morning, vowing total war on the Democratic Party, and in a post ironically titled “happy warriors still,” he’s egging his supporters to send “30 pieces of silver” to Bart Stupak (from a … Continue reading

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Big win! House passes historic healthcare bill

They did it. Wow. The House last night passed an historic upgrade to the American healthcare system, which, while flawed, is still the most comprehensive piece of legislation since Medicare. Congratulations to Nancy Pelosi, Jim Clyburn, and the entire Democratic … Continue reading

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