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‘All That Matters Now Is Absolute Subservient Adherence’ To The GOP

Former Bush speechwriter Bruce Bartlett’s blistering critique of the state of Republican conservatism, typified by the dismissal of David Frum from AEI, is on point, and on par with Frum’s own statement that “Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for … Continue reading

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Why is CNN still reporting the FALSE Cantor ‘bullet through the window’ story as true? **UPDATED**

On its morning shows today, and online, CNN is continuing to report the Eric Cantor “someone shot a bullet through my campaign office window” story, which in reality is a “someone randomly fired into the air in the general vicinity … Continue reading

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Mason-Dixon poll shows a more reality based GOP contest

Marco Rubio still leads Charlie Crist in the latest Mason-Dixon poll, but by a more believable 11 points, not the 20-30 points we’ve seen in the push-button polls. I was talking to a pollster friend of mine just yesterday, who … Continue reading

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Florida unemployment hits 12.2 percent, and everybody cares! Plus: Crist-Rubio Sunday

Florida’s unemployment rate hit 12.2 percent in February, setting a dubious record and making Florida one of 27 states to see its jobless rate climb last month (this while Republicans in Washington continue to block the extension of unemployment benefits … Continue reading

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Meek to end petition drive Monday with Miami event

From the Kendrick Meek campaign this morning: Miami Gardens, Fla. – Kendrick Meek will sign and submit the final petition of his campaign’s history making petition drive outside of the Miami-Dade Elections office on Monday at 10 a.m. By Monday, the … Continue reading

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The GOP’s doomsday strategy

Having refused to participate in shaping healthcare legislation for over a year, and having driven one of their own into the wilderness for suggesting that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea, Republicans, cheered on by “Morning Joe’s” persistent cast, … Continue reading

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Tea party/militia blogger behind bricks, Pelosi threats and ‘little Wacos’ is on the government dole

Mike Vanderboegh, the militia leader behind the creepy “break their windows, break them now” rallying cry for vandals to attack Democratic lawmakers’ offices, is quite a character. He’s a gun nut … sorry, “enthusiast” who is obsessed with the idea … Continue reading

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Eric Cantor’s ‘bullet through the window’ story is full of holes

TPM has the police report of the “gun fired through the window” incident claimed so dramatically by House Minority Whip Eric Cantor this week to try and equalize the shame in the wake of repeated violent threats against Democrats by … Continue reading

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Meet Bill McCollum’s healthcare lawsuit buddy: birther queen Orly Taitz

Oh, this is just too poetic … Guess who’s down with Bill McCollum and the gang on suing the federal government over healthcare reform… That’s right! birther queen Orly Taitz! This time, Orly is going after President Obama for tortious … Continue reading

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