RedState wingers double-down on “no,” demand Republicans repeal healthcare

RedState’s Erick Erickson was in full lather this morning, vowing total war on the Democratic Party, and in a post ironically titled “happy warriors still,” he’s egging his supporters to send “30 pieces of silver” to Bart Stupak (from a Mardis Gras outlet, no less, which I think makes it a welcome gift, no?) … and demanding that Republicans sign a pledge to repeal “in toto” the healthcare reform bill that passed last night. Erickson wants the full Jonestown for his party — repeal it all, including the coverage for 30 million plus Americans, including the closing of the donut hole in Medicare for seniors, including the ability to keep children on their parents’ insurance until age 26, including the ban on excluding pre-existing conditions, including all of the parts of the bill Americans are going to love, and want to keep. Says the commandant:

Already we have a few Republicans positioning themselves in grand theatrics to call for full repeal of Obamacare. But these same Republicans in the past have talked about the good parts of the bill and how repeal should be measured. The only way to ensure today’s rhetoric turns into future consistent actions is to surround these Republicans with true conservative warriors.

Friends, if we are going to destroy the Democrats, we must first build up an army of real conservatives in Congress. Half measures, Democrat-lite, and men who compromise in favor of more government must be unacceptable.

Let me be blunt: any Republican who says we will repeal and replace will themselves be replaced. We want repeal period.

Good luck with that, Erick. Here’s a preview of the ad every Democrat who voted for healthcare could run against any RedState Kool-Aid drinker who runs on pledging repeal:

POLITICIAN X: My opponent has signed a pledge, vowing to go to Washington, and take away your right to insurance coverage … he/she wants to let the insurance companies go back to excluding people with pre-existing conditions … and to kick millions of young people and children off their parents insurance … and to re-open the donut hole that made prescription drugs unaffordable for our seniors. If my opponent is elected, he/she has vowed to turn back the clock, and take away the healthcare we fought for, for you, in Congress. Let’s stand together and keep our healthcare … on DATE … send me back to Washington to keep fighting for you …

And with that, Erick is off to CNN to chat with John King.

Here’s the stuff the Ericktown members will be running against.

Meanwhile, Lawrence O’Donnell, fresh from being dead wrong on whether the healthcare bill could pass, is doing his damndest to destroy the bill in retrospect, making his best Republican case against it for the fall. Hater.

And Republicans’ heads continue to explode.

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