Remainders: the right wing nut house

From ThinkProgress: surprise, surprise, the man who shot two police officers in front of the Pentagon was a right wing, anti-government extremist, whom the right will attempt to pass off as a left wing, 9/11 “truther.” John Patrick Bedell is the second white, non-Muslim, counting anti-IRS suicide pilot Joseph Stack, to commit a terrorist attack inside the United States in the last couple of months without being labeled a terrorist by the right.

Meanwhile, apparently authorities were warned by Bedell’s parents that he might be dangerous, and had bought a gun; echoes of the Abdulmullatab case, although without Dick Cheney looking for someone to waterboard.

Fox News isn’t waiting around for 2012 to urge Bobby Jindal, Bob McDonnell, Scott Brown, Marco Rubio to run for president.

Newsflash: Sarah Palin and her people are seriously, seriously tacky. And now, she’ll get the chance to be tacky in her own reality show! I vote we put it on BET… Meanwhile, the gifting victims are crying foul, and defending Sarah Hollywood from those evil, evil blogs. (Cue the Jay Leno-added, amplified applause track…)

Will Craig Crawford (whom I’ve always suspected was a Republican, or at the least, a conservative…) find “higher ground” on Fox News?

Congressman Byrd would like to welcome you to the “nether regions of Glennbeckistan…” Maybe Liz Cheney could move there with the ghost of Joe McCarthy?

And let’s throw in one Democratic story, just for fun: New York conservaDem Congressman Eric Massa is quitting, after admitting he made someone feel “uncomfortable,” in a married with children but still possibly gay kind of way … (but not as uncomfortable as this!)

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  1. Tony Ryals says:

    All I know is that,aside from alledged Pentagon shooter John Bedell,
    that Ludwig Von Mises’ biggest fans are fascists indeed such as James
    Dale Davidson founder of Steve Forbes’ National Taxpayers Union near
    the SEC headquarters in Alexandria,Virginia as well as newsmax.con
    that includes the British fascist Lord William Rees-Mogg,deceased
    wingnut General Al Haig, and Agora Inc,Baltimore(and world wide
    internet) penny stock promoting and money laundering scumbags Bill
    Bonner,Lila Rajiva,Porter Stansberry,Lard William Rees-Mogg,and CIA
    ‘economist’ and
    Columbia University parasite Mark Skousen of the Nevada Fraud ‘Freedom
    Fest’ corrupt group also includes Texas Republican
    wingnut and womens rights denier Ron Paul who lied to the SEC about
    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac AND THEIR SLEEZY PENNY STOCKS being ‘naked
    shorted’ for them .
    All these Lew RockWell-ian parasites are Misesians which certainly in
    itself doesn’t say anything good about Ludwig Von Mises.Maybe Mises
    wasn’t a crook,pseudo-intellectual or CIA scumbag but his admirers at
    present certainly are.

    John Bedell and Ludwig von Mises
    By David Weigel 3/5/10 3:39 PM ThinkProgress points to a strange item
    on the Bazpedia page of Pentagon metro shooter John Patrick Bedell,
    buried below the incomprehensible kookery (”I have posted the image to
    the right in order to illustrate the use of cannabis as a monetary
    system using digital financial instruments“) and a brief appreciation
    of libertarian economist Ludwig von Mises.

    LewRockwell.comAn anti-state/pro-market site on the net run by the
    president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Updated 6 days a week.

  2. I liked your op-ed piece the other day in the Herald. Keep it coming.

  3. Tony Ryals says:

    Another interesting relation of John Bedell, or at least of his father who has the same name, is the fact that he runs a FINRA approved stock dealing company in Hollister called SagePoint.And it appears AIG scumbags are now hiding behind that name after having dirtied their own.!20

    January 11
    AIGFA to Re-Brand – Will Now be SagePoint

    AIG announced that AIG Financial Advisors is being re-branded (changing its name) to SagePoint Financial. Clearly they are trying to distance themselves from the negative brand image that the mother-ship, AIG, is enjoying at the moment. AIGFA is the second largest of the three B/D’s in the AIG Advisor Group. The other two being Royal Alliance and FSC – who, conveniently, are not tainted at the moment with the AIG brand name……..

    I don’t know either if the father John Bedell of Hollister is related to Jeff Bedell of Sacramento but their businesses seem to be similar including AIG and it appears SagePoint Financial connections.I wonder if they have an Agora Inc connection as well ? James Dale Davidson’s and Bill Bonner’s Agora Inc. have fraudulent business scams around the world and California is no exception.After the Goldcor fraud with its Costa Rica connections in the 1980′s,Goldcor’s name was changed to Oxford Club under the corporate umbrella of Jim Dale Davidson’s and Bill Bonner’s and Lord William Rees-Mogg’s Agora Inc..
    It has been rumored that Agora Inc is involved with U.S.AID in some sort of debt
    swap schemes in Latin America.Is this true or is it another ‘Agora’? I’m not from the Washington,D.C. area and so not up to the low downs and dirtes there some of you might be aware of.

    Bedell Financial
    Bedell Financial is not affiliated with SagePoint Financial, Inc. or registered as a broker-dealer or investment advisor.

    Sagepoint Financial – California – Hollister – (831) 637-0413 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (831) 637-0413 end_of_the_skype_highlighting …
    Contact info for Sagepoint Financial in Hollister, California. … Bedell John Financl Plnng. 555 East St, Hollister, CA 95023-3906. Dabo Mitch Associates ……/Sagepoint….

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