Upgrade: ‘This Week’ goes to Amanpour

Finally, someone who can pronounce “Iran” and “Iraq” correctly. Way to turn the page, ABC! (You gave us a scare last week…) Christiane Amanpour will be the first woman to host a Sunday show, and I’m sure she’ll be great (and give the show more of an international view.) Meanwhile, CNN just went down another notch, having lost Ms. Amanpour and gained Erick Erickson. I see doom on the horizon in Atlanta …

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  1. Gabriel K. says:

    Not to discount Christiane Amanpour’s journalistic excellence in general, but about a year ago, in a CNN (I think) special on the drug war in Mexico, she mispronounced “Sinaloa” badly – she called it “Sin-ee-oh-la” (instead of “Sin-ah-lo-ah”) at least 3 times during the course of the program, which also misspelled the name of the Mexican state as “Sinaola” (she might have been reading off of those misspellings).
    Doesn’t speak well at all for her level of familiarity with the area, or for her and her team having done the most superficial bit of homework.

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