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The ghost of the god-awful McBride campaign haunts his wife

Uh-oh …

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Angry, pink, right wing pipe bomber targets Texas mailboxes

Another right wing, anti-government, would-be terrorist nut arrested, this time in East Texas.

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Meek goes on offense, warns against ‘federalizing’ Rubio

In his sharpest attack to date on his Republican counterparts, Senate candidate Kendrick Meek launched a broadside against front-runner Marco Rubio today, telling bloggers on a conference call that “federalizing Marco Rubio would be one of the worst things that … Continue reading

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Actually, the right does revere the Constitution

… just not the one you think. Josh Marshall’s post about the right’s phony fetish with an imaginary, Paulite Constitution featuring small, weak centralized government and all-powerful states nearly hits the mark. But the fact is, today’s conservatives, largely led … Continue reading

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The Daily Show nails Michael Steele (with a puppet)

CORRECTION: A “muppet…” from Sesame Street, even! … If that sounded kinky, it’s not. It’s actually … HILARIOUS. And Jon Stewart, with the help of a blue, hip-hop lingo slinging puppet, perfectly pegs the pitiful minstrel act Michael Steele constantly … Continue reading

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How to do merit pay: the D.C. example

Washington D.C. has struck a tentative deal with teachers unions there on a new merit pay package, which differs by about 180 degrees from punitive, negative plan put forward by Florida Republicans.

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Burning questions: in the WV mine disaster, conservatism in action?

A non-union mine where worker fears and complaints about safety problems were ignored, and where those workers had no power to do anything but keep digging … a ruthless (right wing) corporate chieftan cconcerned only about quotas and a ruthless … Continue reading

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Morning clicks: how not to sneak a cigarette on an airplane

Proof that America is still freaked out about terrorism: a Qatari diplomat sneaking a cig during a flight to Denver triggered a full-on terror alert last night when he responded sarcastically to attempts to get him to stop smoking in … Continue reading

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The Greer-McCollum connection

When Bill McCollum announced his eleventy-fifth run for office (this time for governor) last May, Jim Greer was at his side. Greer reportedly talked Ag Commissioner Charles Bronson (not the action hero, the other one…) out of primarying the well … Continue reading

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The ‘Crist as independent’ chatter just won’t die **UPDATED**

Steve Schale, one of the smartest political people in Florida, has a post up reviving the question of whether Gov. Charlie Crist will say damn the torpedoes and run as an independent (when you’re done with that, you’ll also want … Continue reading

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