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Leak: Crist indie run looks like a go

First Fox News, now Politico, which reports that a pair of “close Crist associates” have leaked that he will indeed run independent. Cue the “political world scrambled!” headlines.

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Obama still the most trusted name in politics

Even after a year of Republicans tearing into him, President Obama is still more trusted than the GOP to solve the nation’s problems. The key table from the latest ABC/Wapo poll: Both Neither No Obama Reps (vol.) (vol.) opinion a. … Continue reading

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P.M. clicks: Sandra and Louie, Crist’s D-day and Sarah Palin’s Arizona

As Bossip reports, there’s at least one black baby Angelina and Madonna didn’t get their hands on, and this little cutie, named after Louis Armstrong (he’s from New Orleans) is all Sandra’s. Lucky for him, he’s not all Jesse James’ … Continue reading

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On tea parties and liberty

I’m trying to write less about the tea party movement, which has been pretty definitively proven to be no “movement” at all, but rather a cobbled together group of conservative Republicans and Paulite Libertarians. But the new University of Washington … Continue reading

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Morning clicks: the return of Jeb, spill baby, spill

Jeb Bush is no fool. He came out against the AZ immigration law yesterday, making a statement that sounded suspiciously similar to Marco Rubio’s … it’s almost like they were written by the same person … The Bushes may not … Continue reading

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