Cowardly Youtube pulls Badu’s ‘Window Seat’

More proof that America is more prudish and hypocritical than ever. We allow over-sexualized teens to parade across Nickelodeon, and produce the most violent, sex-filled movies and television programs, not to mention video games, but a music video where a woman is naked — and not even frontally naked to the camera — for like, 10 seconds, with every conceivable revealing bit blurred out, is too much for cutting edge Youtube? Europe is once again laughing at us, and we deserve it. As Mediaite’s Drew Grant points out:

One can’t help but be reminded of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” controversy several weeks ago, where CNN reported that MTV had pulled the video from its channel due to its graphic nature (though that rumor was later revealed to be false), and yet that video remained on Youtube, and was far more sexual than the statement Badu was making with her “Window Seat” politics.

Badu claimed that the video – which was all done in one take – represented the power of “group think” and as of Thursday said on her Twitter that no one has pressed charges. So far, YouTube has refused to comment on why it has pulled even the censored version of the video.

How absolutely pathetic. And this after Fox News tracked down a woman Erykah passed on that Dallas seat who suddenly felt her children were traumatized by seeing a naked body, then low and behold! She files a complaint and Erykah gets charged with a misdemeanor. At the end of the day, this was still a triumph of guerrilla filmmaking a strong statement about the power to free women’s — and particularly black women’s — bodies from exploitation by others, and as this writer put it, the death of the booty shaking video. Meanwhile, the reaction more than proved Badu’s point about groupthink. (Some directors take on what the video means.) I say you go girl. Don’t let the haters get you down. And I guess the video will live on in stills alone:

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