Doctor who spurns Obama voters to rally with Orlando tea party

Right wing urologist Jack Cassell knows nothing about healthcare reform. Would you trust him with your urethra?

The supposedly “non-partisan” Orlando Tea Party will hold a rally on tax day featuring a virtual who’s who of the radical right, from Iowa Congressman Steve King (madwoman Michelle Bachman’s personal choice for president,) to the latest addition, which I’ll let the tea partiers press release explain:

The Tea Party at City Hall, which is being organized by Tea Party Patriots LIVE radio show hosts Jason Hoyt, Tom Tillison, and Barbara Seidenberg, is just one part of what will be a very busy week for activists in Central Florida. Earlier in the day a luncheon will be held in Altamonte Springs with Congressman Steve King (R-IA), nationally syndicated talk radio show host Mike Gallagher, and Dr. Jack Cassell (the doctor who told patients that voted for Obama to seek care “elsewhere”). Event organizers are also planning a Tea Party on April 15 at the Osceola County Courthouse in Kissimmee.

So “Dr.” Casseell, the failed Hollywood prop-master/HMO founder and urologic device inventor extraordinaire, will take time off from examining Palin-voter scrota to expend a few more of his 15 minutes of fame teabagging in Orlando. Genius! (I wonder how many copies of “Better Living Through Urology” he’ll be able to hawk to “we the people?” I mean let’s face it, most of these tea partiers ARE geezers with a high likelihood of problems “down there…”) Sometimes, this stuff just writes itself.

John Boehner will be there too, but he’ll probably just be quaffing highballs in the back. King and Cassell are clearly the stars of the show:

Proving the point that health care is still front and center in the minds of voters, three of the scheduled speakers will address health care issues. Rep. King will talk about the need for 100% repeal of Obamacare. State Rep. Plakon will talk about HJR37, the Florida Health Care Freedom Act, and Dr. Cassell will talk about the impact of Obamacare on doctors.

HJR37 is the futile attempt by our state’s John Birch Society leadership to pass a law exempting Floridians from the newly passed national healthcare law. That, of course, is a direct violation of the Supremacy Clause, so it would be a colossal waste of time, even for this Florida legislature (which has turned wasting time into something of an art form.) And as such, it has already been effectively killed by one of the few remaining sensible Republicans in the state House. But it sure is good for getting the base excited, as you see from the above “non-partisan” release. Ah, Floribama …

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One Response to Doctor who spurns Obama voters to rally with Orlando tea party

  1. lisa says:

    Contact Lisa Irish
    (850) 443-3477 or
    Prince Brown
    (407) 914-3221
    Congressional Candidate, Republican Prince Brown challenges Congressman Alan Grayson as he announces candidacy
    Tallahassee- Prince Brown, Republican Candidate for the United States Congress District 8 to formally announce candidacy on April 12, 2010.
    Prince Brown, a member of Leadership Orlando is a military veteran, college professor and family man committed to “telling the truth” about Congressman Alan Grayson and the type of committed representation needed for this district as he rolls out his “Truth Telling Tour”. Prince Brown states that “he is the only candidate in the race that can beat Alan Grayson”. Mr. Brown has fought for his country as a Navy veteran and will fight for the citizens to have representation that is accountable to them, not the Democratic Party and its liberal causes, he says. He believes that, “voting for any of the other primary candidates would be like voting for Alan Grayson all over again. They are all working to buy the election which Alan Grayson has already done, and look what that has gotten us,” said Prince Brown. He also surmises that the Democratic Party and the Obama administration has been successful at labeling anyone a racist who does not support the presidents liberal, big government policies. Prince Brown, being an African American will not have that problem.
    “ Alan Grayson has made a mockery out of himself and the people he represent on national television over and over again and constantly rails against the policies that are in the best interest of his own constituents”, said Prince Brown. The campaign will roll out its own “Money Bomb” at to bring back accountability to the voters in central Florida. He says, “We have had enough of a congressman with a sole focus on headline grabbing and representation that seems bent on buying elections. This district is not an east coast wing of the Nancy Pelosi ideology, we are conservative and believe in a small government that does not push socialist (un- American) policies. Alan Grayson apparently hasn’t gotten the memo.”

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