Meek vs. Greene: round one

Meek's new challenger: billionaire Jeff Greene

Ding ding! The fight is officially ON between Kendrick Meek and Jeff Greene, who went off on each other in dueling press releases this afternoon.

First Team Meek blasted Greene’s introductory video:

Miami Gardens, FL — Kendrick Meek issued the following statement in response to Jeff Greene’s misleading campaign video that claimed he had not succeeded in the real world of hard work:

“I’m running for the Senate to stop Wall Street from ever again wrecking the Florida economy. Jeff Greene profited from the misery of millions of Americans who lost their home equity, if not their homes. That’s not the kind of candidate the Democratic party needs, and it’s not the kind of senator Florida needs.

“And I want to remind Mr. Greene that before running for office I worked as a baggage handler and a state trooper. In fact, I was number three in the entire state of Florida for DUI arrests one year. I know it’s not making billions on the backs of the middle class, but saving lives on our highways is a real job.”

And from Team Greene:

Paul Blank, Jeff Greene’s campaign consultant issued the following response:

“It’s been 4 hours since Jeff Greene announced his campaign, and already it’s politics as usual.”

“Kendrick Meek is a career politician in the pockets of special interests. Meek came to office in a sweetheart deal and is being helped by the special interests who fund his campaign. After being in the swamp of Washington for the last 8 years taking the special interest money while everything continued to get worse and Floridians lost their jobs, Meek, like the other career politicians in this race, wants a promotion. Predictably, rather than running on his record, Meek has resorted to smears and lies.”

“Jeff Greene took on Wall Street and won and will take on Washington and win for the people of Florida. He will shake things up, create jobs and put Florida first. And unlike the 3 career politicians who have only been worried about their jobs for the last decade, Greene is running to fight for the jobs of Floridians.”

And the coup de grace from Team Meek, in an email forwarding a slew of negative Greene stories. The headline:

The Reviews Are In: Jeff Greene’s First Day on the Campaign is a … Flop


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One Response to Meek vs. Greene: round one

  1. noplacelikeFLA says:

    Would be nice if Meek would have been this sharp against RUBIO or CHRIST–I too am looking forward to Meek giving me something to vote FOR; not against.

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