Morning clicks: whistling Dixie

Welcome to Florida, where it’s damned hard to find a job, but you can still get a tax break on your yacht … and if you play your cards right, our state’s Republican donors will foot the bill for your family reunion! Let’s see who else in the South is rising again this morning …

Florida has found a novel new way to solve its fiscal problems: by becoming Nevada.

And lest our retirees get tired of just gambling in the casinos … Marco Rubio (who supports gambling America’s social safety net on Wall Street) … is shifting his strategy, from being Florida’s Jim DeMint, to trying to be its Paul Ryan (without the intellectual, policy wonk stuff…) Rubio has embraced Ryan’s “roadmap,” which includes raising the Social Security full benefits retirement age to 70 by 2098, a position the St. Pete Times says could be a political issue, and which is being hailed by conservative “experts” (who would prefer doing away with Social Security altogether, but any port in a storm …) Neither Rubio nor Ryan has considered raising the cap on Social Security taxes, meaning the rich old people who get off Scott free in Rubio’s brave new world will have more money to invest in their yachts, or at the casinos. Brilliant!

Yes, Virginia voters (especially you Democrats who stayed home…) elections do have consequences. And yeah, you did get punk’d (including you, former governor Doug Wilder.) So let me know how that Confederate history month thing (without acknowledging slavery) works out, k?

And now, for a word of sanity, from the Cato Institute???

Just so we’re clear, not all the crazy people are in the South.

Florida mega-property owner Donald Trump says the Chinese think we’re some dumb SOBs.

And staying with the sunshine state, KC and the Sunshine Band bassist and co-founder Richard Finch has pleaded not guilty to molesting teenaged boys. Grossly, Finch is responsible for such hits as “shake your booty” and “keep it coming, love.” He previously admitted to having sexual contact with boys aged 13 to 17.

Going international: did our former chief diplomat in Afghanistan call Hamid Karzai a drug addict? Karzai’s brother is a notorious drug lord

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