RNC at Tiffany’s, RPOF staffer’s $1.3 million Amex and the ‘Forty Deuce’

Pigs at the trough, from D.C. to Tallahassee.

This just won’t stop! The RNC gets caught buying “office supplies” at Tiffany’s, and in Florida, a 25-year-old staffer racks up $1.3 million in American Express charges, including $40,000 at a European hotel where she accompanied disgraced former House Speaker Ray Sansom, his wife and four kids. On some of these high priced trips, the staffer even brought her mom. And next up: National Republican Congressional Committee chairman Pete Sessions of Texas, partying with donors at a Vegas strip club called the Forty Deuce! Geez, what does it take for the Republican base to cry uncle???

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  1. Stella says:

    We had the same good experience when we moved from Long Island to Port Orange, in 1994. I am so glad to hear that you find it so, too.But , thnigs are changing down here a little bit every year.Maybe there are now too many North Easterners down here. LOLWe do not miss the rat race up in New York.There are some thnigs going in the wrong direction down here, and I would expect that most of it centers around overdevelopment, despite the wishes of the people to keepthe Daytona Beach and Port Orange Area, as we knew it, and not make it into a Miami City.Enjoy the area, and I hope you visit the Port Orange Images web site. Hundreds of photos of the Port Orange area. hank springer

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