The Republican Party of Florida’s war on women

First, they tried to strip Florida’s teachers of any semblance of professionalism … next, they voted to neuter two redistricting bills petitioned onto the ballot by more than 1.5 million Floridians. Now, the men who brought you Amexgate, and who claim to be opposed to “government-run healthcare” want to let the state order women to undergo — and pay for — an invasive medial procedure — and to force even rape and incest victims to submit to the state-ordered ultrasound and then listen to the doctor read (by state mandate) a detailed description of the fetus, unless they can prove to the state’s satisfaction that they had been victimized. I imagine thinks work much the same way in North Korea. Stunning.

Democrats tried but failed to stop the latest GOP outrage against the citizens of Florida, but it’s headed to Gov. Crist’s desk anyway. Let’s hope his “concerns” about the bill mean the same thing they did for SB6.

The Republican men behind the add-on to an otherwise innocuous health bill (only one woman joined them) were so proud of it, they didn’t feel comfortable discussing it in front of teenagers. But that hasn’t stopped them from trying to force their right wing views on Florida’s women. God help us if this group continues to hold a majority in the legislature after redistricting. Who knows what they’ll try next?

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