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Video: Scene on board the Gaza #flotilla ship as Israeli troops storm

This video apparently was taken at the time of the raid. You can see a woman holding a bloody stretcher at one point, and the narrator speaks in a couple of languages, reporting what’s happening, including one person shot in … Continue reading

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Israel storms Gaza aid #flotilla ship, at least 10 killed **UPDATED**

This is ugly. Really ugly. UPDATE 4: More details including precisely where the flotilla was when it was attacked, from TDB. Also this: The names of the dead are not yet known, but passengers aboard the ships included retired U.S. … Continue reading

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On Memorial Day, a thank you

On this day when we honor sacrifice, thank you to all of those who have given all in America’s wars, from the last century to the present one, from the Greatest Generation to the young men fighting and dying in … Continue reading

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Sunday profile: MIA

The NYT Magazine profiles one of the most interesting artists out there today: Sri Lankan alternative singer rapper MIA (“Paper Planes,” “Born Free” …) Long, but worth a look.

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Holy … freaking … crap: nuke the Gulf oil gusher?

Is this seriously under consideration? Jesus, take the wheel … Meanwhile, those SOB’s at BP are still passing the buck. And the administration says it’s planning for the worst. Although personally I’d think “the worst” would be blowing up a … Continue reading

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The madness of Darrell Issa

Darrell Issa is the new Jim Bunning, all-but shooting at Watermellons on the South Lawn to try and prove Barack Obama killed Vince Foster. His latest salvo: Bill Clinton talking to Joe Sestak about an unpaid board position of questionable … Continue reading

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Sunday show take: Mullen, Webb, not down with pre-study DADT repeal, GOP dumb to oppose

Admiral Mike Mullen and Jim Webb both feel the military should have been allowed to complete their study first, and Webb even calls proceeding before the study disrespectful to the troops.  (Of course, by December, there will likely be fewer … Continue reading

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Vote: Is Barack Obama a bad national daddy?

Columnists Charles Blow and Maureen Dowd want President Obama to EMOTE, damnit! And they’re hardly alone among Obama watchers and supporters who have observed him to be a man of few visible emotions. Whether it’s the missing table pounding at … Continue reading

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It’s Urban Beach Weekend in Miami … please don’t act (too) crazy

It’s that time of year again! When the hip-hop fans descend on Miami Beach/South Beach, the cops come out, and the natives get scarce. (And nobody thinks about Memorial Day.) Come for the Diddy (yeah, this is only ONE of … Continue reading

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Come on, people … thug wakes???

Oh yeah, we’re doomed.

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