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Lawmaker caught viewing soft porn attacks reporter **RE-UPDATED**

Florida State Sen. Mike Bennett, Republican of Bradenton, just wanted to view his bikini gals in private … during a public session of the state legislature that was open to reporters and while his colleagues were debating a woman’s most … Continue reading

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Mediaite scrambles to explain Frances Martel’s Obama ‘scandal’ FAIL **UPDATED**

“Why is the National Enquirer wasting its shred of credibility on this Obama story?” A good question, asked by a good online reporter, Glynnis MacNicol, at what normally is a quite entertaining site, especially for media and political junkies like … Continue reading

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P.M. clicks: where in the world is Charlie Crist?

Answer: St. Petersburg, or at least his campaign will be there soon. It’s a good move for Crist, who’s from the area, and who will have to do really well in the I-4 to have a shot This just in: … Continue reading

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Stop baby, stop! Meek, Maddox call for halt to drilling off FL

With the Horizon oil gusher continuing to threaten the Gulf Coast, and with Florida’s Panhandle directly in its sites (check out this incredible animation,) a pair of Florida Democrats are saying “thanks, but no thanks” to offshore drilling in the … Continue reading

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ICYMI: Rubio doubles down on cutting Social Security

Politico reminds that in his Sunday show appearances this weekend, Marco Rubio made it clear: he would seek to cut Social Security for Americans under 55 years of age if elected to the U.S. Senate. That may or may not … Continue reading

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Florida GOP’s right wing agenda up for a vote in November

Ask yourself this question: how does a political party that represents just 36 percent of the voters in a state wind up controlling 64 percent of the legislative seats? Answer: redistricting. This fall, Floridians will have the opportunity to remove … Continue reading

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Morning clicks: nerdprom hangover, the un-American canal and Indie Charlie latest

Happy Monday, folks! If you’re still hanging over after nerd prom (aka “couch prom”) I feel your pain. Obligatory red carpet photos here. This was the weekend we rediscovered how funny President Obama is (UPDATE: apparently, with a little help … Continue reading

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