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Video of the week: Betty White

In case, like me, you don’t watch Jimmy Fallon, here’s his epic interview the great Betty White, who told him Jay Z may have 99 problems, but “this b– ain’t one.” Can’t wait for SNL tomorrow!

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P.M. clicks: The Friday RPOF Amex dump, “don’t drill baby, don’t drill” and Fox News bows to its Saudi prince

The Florida Republican Party released its notorious AMEX files today. Details here and here. Apparently, membership had its privileges. Meanwhile, more news out of that Mason-Dixon poll, which also finds that surprise! Floridians are no longer gung-ho on drilling. Question: … Continue reading

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Did George Rekers violate Florida’s gay adoptions ban? **UPDATE: McCollum responds

UPDATED: Lost in the blizzard of media reports (and comedy) about ant-gay adoptions psychologist George Rekers and his young, male travel companion is the fact that Rekers, who was Florida A.G. Bill McCollum’s go-to expert witness, paid $60,000 $120,000 of … Continue reading

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The rise and fall of Marco Rubio

Read this article at Salon.com Marco Rubio has changed his mind about the Arizona immigration law, which he now supports whole-heartedly, to the point of actually advocating the deportation of children to Latin American countries where he admits the culture … Continue reading

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Lawrence Taylor update: endorsement lost, charges clarified

WCBS-TV in New York has an update on the Lawrence Taylor rape allegations, and it’s not a good look for the former Giants star, who has been dropped by Nutrisystem as a spokesman and endorser:

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Rick Scott: Republican nightmare?

The St. Pete Times has a great piece on Rick Scott — creepy bald guy, rookie politician, and quite possibly, Bill McCollum’s worst nightmare, and quite coincidentally, Florida’s worst nightmare, too:

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Morning clicks: 290,000 reasons to shout ‘hooray!’

The April jobs report gives America a reason to celebrate this morning, with 290,000 jobs added to the nation’s payrolls. Among the unemployed, 195,000 people re-entered the workforce last month. Manufacturers added 44,000 jobs and another 20,000 came from healthcare, … Continue reading

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