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Video: Alex Jones goes bat crap crazy(er) over ‘Machete’

Summary: Prison Planet conspiracy overlord Alex Jones thinks the new Robert Rodriguez “Mexploitation” movie “Machete” is real — it’s not a movie at all, friends, but rather government-produced propaganda designed to start a white-brown race war. (Plus it’s got Robert … Continue reading

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Tampa RNC convention preview: Mon Venus strip club

The Buzz finds the perfect spot for RNC Eagles in ’12. Best comment: I call shotgun in the sen. Vitter car! Posted by: hangin | May 13, 2010 at 10:51 AM

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Feeling the heat on the right, McCollum flip-flops on Arizona

From Ben Smith by way of Beth Reinhard: Bill McCollum has followed Marco Rubio to the farthest reaches of the wingersphere by changing his mind on Arizonapartheid, just in time to avoid a right good tea partying:

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Meek goes after Crist on abortion, Kagan

Oh, here we go… with polls showing Charlie Crist cutting into Kendrick Meek’s Democratic support, Team Meek is going after Crist’s moderate bona fides on two fronts: abortion rights and Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. The campaign’s press release from … Continue reading

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How the New Times took down ‘Rentboy Rekers’ (plus, the ghost of Art Teele)

The local alternative weekly that has become a Miami must-read, explains how it got the story of the season, taking down the Christian right’s top anti-gay “expert” with nothing more than a bad friend, email screenshots and a pink camera. … Continue reading

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Horror video of the week: the Gulf oil gusher

BP finally releases the video we’ve all been dying, and dreading, to see … How depressing that so many Americans still think this is worth doing.

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Dems, Independents trounce Republicans in FL voter registration

The past 19 months have been very good to Florida Democrats, between the implosion of the scandal-plagued Republican Party of Florida (more grimey news on that front here), and its existential split with its former darling and top fundraiser, Charlie … Continue reading

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Miami Herald column up and running. Today’s topic: nanny state conservatives

My new Herald column is up. Spiffy preview after the jump.

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Morning clicks: L.A. joins Arizona boycott, Sestak has the ‘mo, Big Mike goes bye-bye

You kind of knew it was going to happen. Big Mike Lynche got the ‘American Idol’ boot last night. In the end, it’s hard to beat a blonde heartthrob and the two most commercial singers in the contest (although, judging … Continue reading

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