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Morning clicks: curse of the Paulites, finreg passes and blimie, Bloomie

Wall Street reform passed the Senate last night, with a little help from Scott Brown. Reconciliation with the House could come next month. (Florida’s official Disloyal Friend in the Senate voted no.) The other big news Thursday night was DNI … Continue reading

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Tea time for the GOP

Suffice it to say Republicans should probably stop testing out fancy gavels for their Congressional takeover in November. The Party of Lincoln has basically come unglued. Apparently Barack Obama’s election has driven them mad. And now, they’ve rebranded themselves as … Continue reading

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Uh-oh … Rand Paul has backed discrimination before **UPDATE: and so has his dad

And just like that, the darling of the tea party movement goes “kaboom…” From Dave Weigel (via Page One Kentucky) comes the grim flashback reaper …

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Marco Rubio’s for-profit politics

We already know that Marco Rubio lived large on a party-issued credit card when he was Florida’s Speaker of the House. But he also parlayed his speakership into “big money, little work” side gigs that reaped major financial rewards, according … Continue reading

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Fox News’ next project: indoctrinate Latinos

Mediaite reports (via Reuters) that Saudi-funded Fox News will soon launch a website targeting Latinos: foxnewslatino.com. I’m guessing the purpose will be to woo Hispanics over to the Republican party, with Cuban-Americans as the template. Should be interesting, though I … Continue reading

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Rand Paul is sorry … for appearing on Rachel Maddow’s show **UPDATED**

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy The Kentucky GOP Senate candidate now says appearing with the liberal talk host (and winger secret crush) was a mistake. Saying he’d rewrite the 1964 Civil Rights Act? … Continue reading

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Rubio disciple David Rivera all over the place (and no place) on immigration

Did you ever have to make up your mind? Congressional candidate, and Marco Rubio “disciple” David Rivera can’t seem to, when it comes to Arizona’s “show me your papers law.” Like the man to whom he offers supplicating worship, Rivera … Continue reading

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Morning clicks: deportation nation, Greene’s big money play, Arizona’s power play

Thursday’s question of the day: how long before Michelle Malkin and her blog coven hunt down this adorable second grader and demand that Janet Napolitano deport her mommy? UPDATE: They’re coming out of the woodwork already … Meanwhile a utilities … Continue reading

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What Rand Paul can teach us about lunch counters **UPDATED**

Libertarianism is one of my favorite political philosophies, not because I am one (except when it comes to social/personal behavior stuff like the “war on drugs,” marriage, pre-emptive war, etc..) but because unlike neoconservatism, an intellectually masturbatory virus that requires … Continue reading

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