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‘Tickle-me Massa’ says Cheney plotted Petraeus ‘coup’ **UPDATED**

Eric Massa may be a national punchline, but the charges he levels against Dick Cheney in a new Esquire interview are no laughing matter … In short, Massa says Dick Cheney approached Gen. David Petraeus about running for president — … Continue reading

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5 reasons Democrats won’t dump Meek for Crist

An article by Mark Greenbaum, which when paired with my own, made Salon.com bad news territory for Team Meek today, raises the question of whether Democrats in an official capacity, and maybe even at the Obama administration level, should even … Continue reading

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Once more with feeling: Bush IS to blame for the deficits

This has been said, and said, and said, but just so all the tea party people and Newt Gingrich and on and on get it (and so even Rand Paul gets it,) here’s the chart that explains it all. Bush … Continue reading

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SPTimes takes a crack at Kendrick **UPDATED**

(H/T to St. Petersblog) Kendrick Meek’s long, strange, Senate trip just got a little longer…

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Fergie caught smoking! (and selling access to her royal ex)

Blimey …

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The other anti-Rand Paul argument: Libertarianism is dumb

A Salon piece takes on Libertarianism, on the basis that in the real world, it’s just dumb:

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Guardian: Israel offered nukes to Apartheid South Africa

Israel’s president is denying a blockbuster report in the Guardian, which says that not only has Israel been a nuclear power for a long, long time (not a revelation since most people know it) but during the 1970s, he, Shimon … Continue reading

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One less candidate: Paul Dockery out of FL gov race

Not that anyone much noticed she was in, but Paula Dockery has apparently given in to reality (and to Freddy Krueger’s money) … So what does that leave Republican voters?

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Morning clicks: ‘Lost’ hangover, bad Meek week, Jeb tells GOP to find their inner Britto

Yes, I stayed up past 1:00 a.m. to watch Jimmy Kimmel. No, I didn’t really enjoy that, either. Based on my overnight poll, at least half of you agree with me. Moving on … my Salon piece on the Meek … Continue reading

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Vote: what did you think of the ‘Lost’ finale?

“I see dead people … they were all on Oceanic Flight 815 … they don’t know they’re dead…” Here’s the summary, and here’s the poll: [poll id="95"]

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