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Can we stop paying attention to Rasmussen polls now?

It’s exhausting watching media “analysts” and experts, and even liberal-leaning blogs, give credence to junk polls, of which Rasmussen has got to be the worst. The Republican polling outfit — the Frank Luntz of polls — robocalls a few hundred … Continue reading

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Ain’t gonna play Sun City: artists unite to boycott Arizona

Michael Moore and the rock group Rage Against the Machine are leading an artist boycott of Arizona that’s reminiscent of the  Artists United Against Apartheid protest in 1985, which ironically enough, produced a single called “I ain’t gonna play Sun … Continue reading

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Video: Gun battles in Kingston

Raw video of the gun battles between Jamaican police and gunmen protecting wanted drug kingpin Christopher “Dudus” Coke:

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For the GOP, it’s ‘adios, Latinos’

The new NBC News/WSJ poll makes it plain. Decades of anti-immigrant pronouncements by the right, which come across as suspiciously anti-Latino (and in the case of many wingers, downright hysterical, if not insane) are killing the Republican Party with Hispanic … Continue reading

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#FLSen update: Greene and Meek, do ask, do tell

The in-box was full of Kendrick Meek and Jeff Greene stuff this morning. Within about 3 minutes of each other, the campaigns sent out email attacks, with Team Meek demanding to know where Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio stand on … Continue reading

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At what point do we start calling the White House political shop incompetent?

EPA chief Lisa Jackson has canceled a New York fundraiser that she shouldn’t have been scheduled for in the first place … the administration can’t manage to communicate that it shares the sense of urgency that Gulf states (Mississippi’s governor … Continue reading

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William: we have a problem

Bill McCollum may or may not know it, but his campaign is in serious trouble. Let me count the ways …

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Morning clicks: Rand Paul’s anti-slavery stand, the Arizona divide

Happy hump day! Things must be getting rough over in TJMS-land. This is the first time in the umpteen years I’ve known of him that Tom Joyner has been running TV spots pitching for advertising on behalf of Radio One-partially … Continue reading

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