Holy … freaking … crap: nuke the Gulf oil gusher?

Is this seriously under consideration? Jesus, take the wheel … Meanwhile, those SOB’s at BP are still passing the buck. And the administration says it’s planning for the worst. Although personally I’d think “the worst” would be blowing up a nuclear bomb under the water near our southern coast… Plus: swimming through the spill.

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6 Responses to Holy … freaking … crap: nuke the Gulf oil gusher?

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  2. Jim Blevins says:

    Since we have now run out of solutions which will totally stop the leak and which require less than months to implement, the nuclear option should be given very serious consideration.

  3. Anna says:

    To Jim Blevins,

    Are you totally insane? My God you and others like you must be out of your

    Where do you live? Do you live anywhere near the gulf? What is your deal?
    Would you get some kind sick pleasure out of seeing millions die? It is the sick twisted thinking of people with your mentality that got us into this mess in the first place. Stupidty is beyond belief right now!!!!!

  4. notradomas says:

    the prophesy says. the black man raise to power. a see turn to mud.
    pigs of the land go to the mud. the mud embazes killing the pigs.

  5. oh nooooo says:

    it could cause a chain reaction killing thousands of pigs.

  6. Mac says:

    My god I hope that was tongue and cheek. Please tell me you are not really serious?! The well is far enough off shore and sheltered by enough salt water (at a depth of over a mile) to help contain the blast. The preasure at that depth will signifigantly help contain the explosion. The Russians have had to do this 3 seperate times. Worst case scenario is that we cause some sisemic reactions and create some waves. You are not going to endanger everyone on the coast by blowing up the oil well under a mile of sea water even if you use a nuke.

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