Wingers re Muslim Miss USA: this is a Big F’ing Conspiracy **UPDATED**

Miss Michigan Rima Fakih of Dearborn, left, is crowned Miss USA 2010 by Kristen Dalton, Miss USA 2009, on Sunday night in Las Vegas. When asked how she felt about winning the Miss USA crown, Fakih said, "Ask me after I've had a pizza." (ISAAC BREKKEN/Associated Press)

An Arab-American, Muslim Miss U.S.A.? … Cue the Michelle Malkin pathetic, eye-bulging hateration, and of course, the conspiracy theory of the day:

Meanwhile, Miss Oklahoma lost out after expressing support for Arizona’s immigration enforcement law and celebrating states’ rights:

(Although she did manage to get all the way to second place … but then, that was probably part of the conspiracy… to get her right down to the final two and then humiliate her with a crushing loss to a heathen…)

Of course, the boss’ minions at Hot Air dutifully link to the evidence: Miss Oklahoma’s statement in support of “show me your papers.” Still, you really haven’t experienced “the crazy” until you experience it with Debbie Schlussel, who has discovered the even darker forces behind Miss Michigan’s troubling rise to power. Meanwhile, the Freepers do what they do best: type a lot of stupid, crude crap while posting hot pictures of the woman they so abhor… although you’ve got to hand it to them for being able to type at all with all that Vaseline on their fingers… (ahem)

So to review: first Arab-American Miss U.S.A.: great, narrative-altering image for America! Oklahoma Palinite who supports racial profiling? Terrible image for America going into an international competition… I don’t watch pageants, and I can’t get inside the Trumpster’s head, but I’d say picking Miss Michigan was a pretty savvy move.

UPDATE: Allahpundit once again performs his obligatory role as the winger voice of reason (such as it is):

I’m hearing arguments today that she was some sort of “affirmative action” pick, but I’m not sure why. She’s plenty, and I do mean plenty, hot enough; if the judges decided that her being Muslim was a political “plus,” I can handle that in this case because of the larger message her victory sends about cultural assimilation. A beauty pageant seems like an awfully low-cost way to promote integration.

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7 Responses to Wingers re Muslim Miss USA: this is a Big F’ing Conspiracy **UPDATED**

  1. Andy Johnson says:

    “Oklahoma Palinite who supports racial profiling?”

    She stated that she was against racial profiling.

  2. Brad Gates says:

    Fakih called the BC pill a “controlled substance”? Oh my. So sad to sacrifice any semblance of integrity just to meet a Multicultural Quota.

  3. akw says:

    Michelle Malkin didn’t spout any conspiracy theories. The quote you noted was from a Detroit online news website.

    Whomever wrote this column made so many mistakes in an attempt to trash everyone else that he/she comes off as a ranting fool.

  4. Michael says:

    Michelle Malkin is a dumb bitch who always has to spew her right wing hatred on everything. Her blog is nothing but pure Obama Derangement Syndrome.

  5. rewinn says:

    Miss Oklahoma didn’t whine about her loss when I saw her interviewed. The Fox reporters were trying to get her to say it was unfair and all she would say was that it was a tough question … which perhaps it was … but when you’re going for the gold, that’s what you prepare for.

    AND in the interview, M.O. said she had prepared for that topic (as well as other hot topics) which was smart, but her answer referring to “states’ rights” was completely undiplomatic, hence she deserved to lose.

    It’s kinda funny to see the racists complain when they lose a fair competition.

  6. rewinn says:

    Let me note again: Miss Oklahoma didn’t whine when I saw her interviewed; it’s the racebaters interviewing her who were whining, which was kinda funny.

    Some you win, some you lose. Sportsmanship is good.

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