Morning clicks: Costner to the rescue in Gulf oil disaster? McCollum, Sink tied, Charlie’s union ask

Costner in his '90s bomb "Waterworld"

From the Independent UK, word that a desperate BP will turn to an invention by Kevin Costner’s brother, created with the actor’s financial help, that is supposed to be able to “vaccum” oil off the ocean surface.

Also in the Independent, a chilling report on the possible bloodshed that could rock Jamaica over the planned extradition of a drug kingpin named “Dudus,” and the Jamaican government’s machinations to prevent having to carry it out, including hiring a U.S. lobbying firm. Local Caribbean reporter Sonia Morgan has talked a lot about this. Check out her blog here.

Also making news: Bob Graham has been tapped by the president to lead a commission on the Gulf oil gusher. That may not be enough to satiate the frustrated Florida Congressional delegation, or James Carville, Douglas Brinkley, Chris Matthews and the rest of us who don’t really understand where the administration is going on this one… but Graham did oppose offshore drilling when he was in the Senate.

Meanwhile, there are signs the Obama administration is finally preparing to get tough. They’re now requiring the oil company to provide daily updates on the spill containment operation, and ProPublica reports they may move to block BP’s American operations altogether. BTW, see footage of the rig fire here.

Bill McCollum’s spokesman calls Rick Scott a near-jailbird. Meanwhile, a new poll shows McCollum and Alex Sink neck and neck, but both under 40 percent.

Big question this weekend: can indie Charlie get the AFL-CIO endorsement over Kendrick Meek? For Crist, even a joint endorsement would have to be read as a win.

And BTW, if you didn’t catch it locally, here’s my appearance with Sean Foreman and Helen Ferre on “Issues,” talking the Tuesday primaries and their possible impact on Florida’s races. Hair grade: C+. The show airs again on Sunday at 12:30 p.m.

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