Morning clicks: deportation nation, Greene’s big money play, Arizona’s power play

Thursday’s question of the day: how long before Michelle Malkin and her blog coven hunt down this adorable second grader and demand that Janet Napolitano deport her mommy? UPDATE: They’re coming out of the woodwork already

Meanwhile a utilities official in Arizona issued a threat yesterday that the “show me your papers” state could play Enron by cutting the power to Los Angeles in response to that city’s boycott vote. But here’s the problem, dude. Most of Arizona-based power companies that supply power to L.A.? They’re owned by California utilities. Check mate …

Staying with Arizonapartheid, Mexican President Felipe Calderon called AZ out by name yesterday, and then he and our prez had the mother of all high-end fiestas at the Obama’s second state dinner. Menu here. Fierce M.Obama dress and cute new ‘do here. Star-studded guest list here. (Much better than the aging country music and “Frazier” has-beens that would be attending a GOP affair, I have to say…)

Attention parents of girlie boys! George Rekers can help your sons drop those dollies and give you twenty! … But he might not be able to save California’s Proposition 8.

On a related note, shouldn’t Bill McCollum give Floridians back our $120,000 now, and doesn’t he have an obligation, as a member of the bar and as attorney general, to inform the court that his chief witness in the gay adoptions ban case is a fraud?

Alex Sink sure is fired up about it. And she doesn’t get fired up about a whole heckuva lot.

BTW, Steve Schale has two words for those of you who at this point think a moldy hunk of cheese could beat Ms. Sink at this point: calm down.

How much is Jeff Greene willing to spend to try and take down Kendrick Meek in the primary? $40 … million … dollars. Gulp. And there’s plenty of precedent — Meg Whitman has reportedly already spent $60 million of her fortune to try and buy … I mean win … the California Senate race. And only God, or in his case Satan, knows how much Freddy Krueger has spent already, to try and topple Bill “Rentboy Rekers” McCollum.

Staying with the Senate race, Charlie Crist continues his romp to the left, backing the citizen-sponsored Fair Districts amendments over his own party’s attempts to gut them. If passed, the amendments would limit his former friends’ ability to draw safe districts for themselves. Payback is a bitch, isn’t it?

If you take your gun to a bar in Tennessee

Here’s an idea who’s time may have come: pedophile island

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