Morning clicks: Kagan plays softball, yet is not gay; Tampa awaits RNC berth, and Tysongate

Happy Tampa RNC convention selection day, America! Here’s what’s happening out there …

The Kagan SCOTUS nomination is apparently so inherently dull (and the arguments about it so vapid and hollow), this is now passing for news.

But don’t tell that to Andrew Sullivan, who still wants to argue over the relevance of Kagan’s sexuality.

And don’t tell it to Glenn Greenwald, who apparently is really pissed off.

Meanwhile in Alabama, evolution makes its way into a political campaign. Again?

Over at the Daily Caller, this guy asks a damned good question (about the Grand Old Purge).

While we’re on the subject of Republican purges, Politico says Utah isn’t done.

Staying with the topic, how far has John McCain fallen? The 2000 media darling is now channeling Sarah Palin, blaming the lies of the “lamestream liberal media” for keeping a geezer down.

And how far has Arlen Specter fallen? He’s found a new life raft to cling to: and it’s name is Charlie Crist. New polling out today has more bad news for Specter, who has clearly lost the momentum in the Senate primary.

Speaking of Charlie, the governor will grab more free media today by officially changing his voter registration to “unaffiliated” in St. Pete. This before he scores again with a can’t-lose special session on a proposed offshore oil drilling ban. (Yet another reason to keep Freddy Krueger out of the governor’s mansion — he’s all for drill baby drill, even after the Gulf oil gusher. Hey, what’s the worst that could happen, when you’ve already forked over hefty government fines for Medicare fraud? He’s now hit the trifecta: anti-healthcare, pro-drilling, and all for racial profiling. Yeah, that’s who we want as governor…) BTW re drilling, the Interior Department is breaking up the agency responsible for overseeing offshore drilling, in an attempt to get their sh-t together.

And could Charlie soon have a prominent Broward Democrat supporting him? Paging Lori Parrish …

To Crist’s Democratic competition, where the word of the day is “Tysongate…”

And to the Department of Bad Analogies, Bill McCollum attempts to explain his Rentboy Rekers problem with something about quarterbacking with 40/40 hindsight… eww.

In international news: a Libyan plane crashes, killing 103 people and leaving just one survivor: an 10-year-old boy.

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