Morning clicks: L.A. joins Arizona boycott, Sestak has the ‘mo, Big Mike goes bye-bye

You kind of knew it was going to happen. Big Mike Lynche got the ‘American Idol’ boot last night. In the end, it’s hard to beat a blonde heartthrob and the two most commercial singers in the contest (although, judging by last night, the real heartthrob might just be Lee DeWyze, and the odds are going up every week that he wins the whole thing …)

As for Tampa, you’ll just have to settle for the RNC convention. Your hometown boy didn’t make the cut. (But his baby sure is cute!)

Meanwhile, in addition to the “Idol” final three, here’s who else is winning the news day:

Joe Sestak. I’m not clear on why so many establishment Democrats are working so hard on behalf of an ex-Republican double-incumbent instead of a true-blue Democrat, high ranking military veteran who worked for Bill Clinton, but that’s politics. And Joe Sestak is socking it to the establishment left and right. He picked up the NARAL endorsement yesterday, and has now caught up to Club for Growther Pat Toomey in the polls. (I suppose it would help if old Arlen could remember which party he’s in now...)

Deval Patrick. The very personable Massachusetts governor’s political obituary was clearly written too soon. New polling shows he’s doing just fine for the re-elect, thank you.

Charlie Crist. Yeah, he flip-flopped like a crude-covered trout on offshore drilling, but he got still more free pub yesterday by changing his voter registration, his special session on drilling will give him one more chance to screw over his new GOP enemies in Tallahassee, and he’s keeping your money, bitches.

Florida Democrats. They out-registered Republicans by 61,643 voters over the last 19 months, further boosting their advantage in the sunshine state, which is good news in a big election year.

Florida Independents. They out-registered Democrats by 1,294 voters. More on that later.

Meanwhile, lots of polling news this morning, thanks to NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, who had very different takes on their new joint poll:

The Murdoch Journal says it proves Republicans are on the march! … this despite the fact that the poll shows Republicans are the least favored party, even including the non-existent Tea Party, and despite the fact that a majority of respondents said Republicans are looking out more for the interests of big corporations versus the interest of average Americans to the tune of  71 percent/20 percent, most Americans (by two to one) believe the economy will get better over the next 12 months, and 69 percent of respondents like President Obama, with his approval rating standing at a positive 50/44. Go figure.

The NBC folks, meanwhile, focus on the fact that most Americans still approve of oil drilling, and most favor Arizona’s draconian immigration law. Well if you’d polled segregation back in the 60s … Read the full poll for yourself here.

Speaking of Arizona, they won’t be doing business with Los Angeles anymore, after a vote by that city’s legislature.

And last, but certainly not least, the BBC has an update on the little boy who was the sole survivor of a Libyan plane crash that killed 103 people, including his parents and brother.

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