Rand Paul is sorry … for appearing on Rachel Maddow’s show **UPDATED**

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The Kentucky GOP Senate candidate now says appearing with the liberal talk host (and winger secret crush) was a mistake. Saying he’d rewrite the 1964 Civil Rights Act? Not so much.

“It was a poor political decision and probably won’t be happening anytime in the near future,” the Tea Party endorsed Senate candidate said on the Laura Ingraham show on Thursday morning. “Because, yeah, they can play things and want to say, ‘Oh you believed in beating up people that were trying to sit in restaurants in the 1960s.’ And that is such a ridiculous notion and something that no rational person is in favor of. [But] she went on and on about that.”


UPDATE: Jim DeMint, who is remaking the Republican Party to serve big business, not to overturn 50-year-old legislation, will soon send Rand Paul to re-education camp

UPDATE 2: Paul has issued a statement saying he won’t try to repeal the ’64 Civil Rights Act. Well there’s that … meanwhile, the GOP establishment has got to be soiling themselves that this guy is their Kentucky Senate nominee, and since clips of the Maddow and Louisvill Courier Journal interviews will surely return to haunt him in the form of TV ads in the fall.

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Newsweek: Paul feeds the meme of tea party racism.

And you knew this would eventually be asked.

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