Rubio disciple David Rivera all over the place (and no place) on immigration

Did you ever have to make up your mind? Congressional candidate, and Marco Rubio “disciple” David Rivera can’t seem to, when it comes to Arizona’s “show me your papers law.” Like the man to whom he offers supplicating worship, Rivera started his dance of the seven veils by saying absolutely nothing about the law for as long as he could. And like El Único, Rivera now both supports and opposes the Arizona law, depending on who he’s talking to at the moment.

Rivera’s opponent Joe Garcia, who opposes the AZ law, laid it out this way in an email this morning:

  • NBC 6 reported on May 18 that Rivera supports Arizona’s immigration law, which has been deemed by many as being “anti-Hispanic.”  NBC reporter Steve Litz stated “Rivera has taken the opposite position [as Joe Garcia].”
  • Later that day, The Miami Herald reported it has received “no yea or nay from David Rivera on contentious Arizona immigration law.”
  • The following day, on May 19, The Miami Herald noted “Rivera did not support or oppose the law.” The Miami Herald later described Rivera’s allusiveness on Arizona’s law as “mushy,” as Rivera refused to state where he stands, resorting to only calling it “a distraction.”
  • Other elected officials and leaders have taken a clear stance: Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Representatives Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart and former Gov. Jeb Bush have all put principles before partisanship and stand in opposition to Arizona’s law for what it is.

And the Miami Herald remembers it this way:

Here’s what Rivera told NBC 6:

“We need to make sure that local law enforcement continues cooperating with federal authorities as they do right now to do whatever is possible to combat illegal immigration.”

And here’s what he told us:

“The law is a distraction from the real solutions that are required to solve the immigration problem,” such as securing the border and developing a viable guest-worker program. And: “A lot of what’s going on in Arizona happens in practice already throughout the nation. When police officers do a legal stop and they run the information or the data or the name and they find the person is here illegally, they immediately interface with federal immigration authorities.”

And now, for the…

UPDATE: Leslie Veiga, Rivera’s communications director, said Rivera has not changed his stance on the law.

“He really doesn’t flip-flop on this issue at all,” Veiga said. The TV reporter, she added, “made it sound more like Rep. Rivera was in favor of the Arizona law when he just thinks it’s a distraction from the issue of immigration reform.”

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