Six degress of George Rekers: Jeb Bush edition

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum (left) and his chief expert witness George Rekers (right)

So … you remember 1) George Rekers, who got hired by 2) Bill McCollum to give “expert” testimony upholding Florida’s ban on gay couples adopting, but who then got caught “renting” a gay male prostitute named 3) JoVanni to “handle his bags” in Europe (ahem…) well turns out George “Rentboy” Rekers is also an author! He co-authored a 1989 pamphlet called The Christian World View of the Family,” about which reporter William March says:

Among other things, the pamphlet said men had “legitimate authority” over their wives, who owed “gentle, submissive obedience” to their husbands and who shouldn’t work outside the home. It advocated “Biblical spanking” for children, and said the state had no right to enforce laws against “emotional neglect, emotional abuse [or] educational neglect” of children.

Wow. Well, the co-author of that pamphlet was a guy named 4) Jerry Regier, an “Oklahoma-based Christian right activist” who was later hired (in 2002, though he was forced to resign in disgrace two years later) by none other than … 5) Jeb Bush, Florida’s very own right wing governor at the time, to lead the state’s Department of Children and Families (where among other things, he forced employees to participate in Christian “character eduction workshops), and who later was forced by … Bill McCollum … to hire just two “experts” to give testimony in the gay adoptions case: Walter Schum, who testified that having gay parents would make 20 percent of children gay, and … 6) George “Rentboy” Rekers …

And that, my friends, is six degrees of George Rekers!

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  1. one more clue says:

    Wow! They’re after having their hands so deep in each others’ pockets that you could take odds that not one of the barstids knows who’s pecker he’s using to pee.

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