Video: Alex Jones goes bat crap crazy(er) over ‘Machete’

Summary: Prison Planet conspiracy overlord Alex Jones thinks the new Robert Rodriguez “Mexploitation” movie “Machete” is real — it’s not a movie at all, friends, but rather government-produced propaganda designed to start a white-brown race war. (Plus it’s got Robert DeNiro in it, so there’s that…) Alex has even gotten his hands on the SCRIPT…!!! … and it proves that Rodriguez is no ordinary filmmaker … he’s a government agent. Seriously. (Hat tip to Dave Weigel, who pays attention to the crazies so you don’t have to…) Watch … and despair

BTW, I’ll bet you didn’t know that “Kill Bill” was government propaganda designed to turn women into fabulous, man-killing robots … Rodriguez and Tarantino work together, you know … for the government … Hey, you know what would be really funny? If the script leaked to Jones was as fake as one of those Kenyan birth certificates Orly Taitz keeps turning up with. Real script or not, if the right latches on to Jones’ nuttery, “Machete” is going to be a big freaking hit.

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