Video: Scene on board the Gaza #flotilla ship as Israeli troops storm

This video apparently was taken at the time of the raid. You can see a woman holding a bloody stretcher at one point, and the narrator speaks in a couple of languages, reporting what’s happening, including one person shot in the head. Watch:

After the jump: IDF video of the raid.

You can see in the following video, taken apparently by IDF forces, slingshots and marbles strewn on the floor of the aid ship (are those the “weapons” they had?) Plus injured people, and in the final few seconds, the various international flags the ship was flying. Watch:

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2 Responses to Video: Scene on board the Gaza #flotilla ship as Israeli troops storm

  1. Michael S. Smith says:

    First videos can be doctored second how do we know if it shows everythng that happoend third why does alomst everyone condem Israel for trying to defend itself and stop terrorist attacts by those whose sole aim is to eliminate it as a nation

  2. jreid says:

    Dude, are you serious? You think a bunch of Turks, Swedes and Britons, including a Nobel Peace laureate and a Holocaust survivor were mounting a terrorist attack on Israel from international waters? What were they going to attack Israel with? The wheelchairs, or the ace bandages on board? Oh, right, it was the slingshots and marbles.

    Must be nice to live in a delusional world where Israel can do no wrong.

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