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When you’ve gotta say it … Obama admin re BP: ‘we will be aggressive’

The Obama administration says the Justice Department will open a criminal inquiry into the BP oil spill, and if any laws were broken, and if Eric Holder can find somebody to hold responsible, and if a raven is anything like … Continue reading

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#Flotilla attack latest: White House sheepish, Israel defiant: ‘next time we’ll use more force’

The White House’s sheepish, namby-pamby response to the Gaza flotilla attack has been dismaying to watch, and emblematic of a core problem for Team Obama: a seeming catalytic inability to get on a side, and then say things that demonstrate … Continue reading

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The trouble with CNN boiled down to a single post

You want to know why CNN’s ratings are in the toilet? They think there must be two sides to the Gulf oil disaster.

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Burning questions: was Darrell Issa stalking Joe Sestak?

ICYMI: Issa’s descent into madness captured in real time … From Friday: One of those only in Washington moments: Rep. Darrell Issa, who wants to investigate Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.), literally standing a few feet from Sestak’s live press conference … Continue reading

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Jesus, if Al and Tipper can’t make it, perhaps there is no hope

Personally, I would have bet on George/Laura or Bill/Hillary hitting the skids first, but apparently, it’s the Gores that are splitting up (Halloween will never be the same.) I just hope there’s no Rielle Hunter-style hoochie involved …

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For Bill McCollum: no A.G. invite **UPDATED**

Poor Bill, stuck at the stinky kid’s table again. This time, he’s the only Gulf state A.G. not invited to meet with USAG Eric Holder as he tours the oil crisis area.  (I’ll bet Charlie Crist got a heads-up, Bill. … Continue reading

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Rubio to tea parties: ‘give me your money and votes, then scram!’

The Orlando Sentinel games out Marco Rubio’s general election “pivot to the center.” Hey, stop that laughing! … to include holding his tea party friends, who brought him to where he is today, at arms length, and pretending — wink … Continue reading

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Will the flotilla attack (further) diminish U.S. influence in the world?

With literally the entire world reacting with outrage over Israel’s deadly military attack on a peaceful convoy bringing desperately needed aid to Gaza, and even the feeble U.N. managing to wring out a painstaking statement condemning unnamed “acts” that led … Continue reading

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