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Happy Father’s Day, America!

… including the “dad in chief.” Enjoy the day!

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Morning clicks: black gold, Texas tea …

Three words: worst … ref … EVER. FIFA will review Koman Coulibaly’s performance, but don’t look for any justice. The U.S. simply needs to win the next one decisively. Barack Obama took aim at the GOP in his weekly address … Continue reading

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ICYMI: New DNC’s video and ad: ‘Stop apologizing to BP’

The DNC is out with new video on Joe Barton and his party’s fealty to Big Oil: As well as an ad slated to start running on CNN and MSNBC this week:

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This week in GOP crazy: African-American ‘BP Truther’

Well, it has finally happened. Well, actually, Rush Limbaugh started it. But we now officially have a brand of conservative called the “BP truthers,” who believe that some combination of the Obama administration, BP and environmentalists blew up that oil … Continue reading

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