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The unbearable whiteness of cable news

Rachel Sklar said it. I didn’t …

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The party of no (as in ‘no help for the unemployed’)

Do you get the feeling the only thing that will satisfy the Republicans and their tea party base are actual bread lines and debtors prisons? Today, every Republican in the Senate, plus good old Ben Nelson, voted to tell 1.2 … Continue reading

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Rivera, Rubio & Scott: take the money and run

This is what you call a news-day harmonic convergence. On the same day Marco Rubio and his most beloved disciple, wanna-be Congressman David Rivera, hold a D.C. fundraiser (not sure if it’s for their respective Senate and House campaigns, to … Continue reading

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Meek web video: Greene avoids questions

The latest Kendrick Meek web ad, culled from post-debate clippage, features a clip from the Reid Report’s soon-to-be notorious Blackberry-cam. Post on Politics has the video, and a review. To see the original, crunchy audio and all, click here.

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Hard truths: the McChrystal disaster may make DADT repeal less likely **UPDATED

TPMDC reports that Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who is on record supporting DADT repeal, is now reasserting the military’s widely held position that repeal should not be pushed through by Congress before a … Continue reading

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Read this: how Rolling Stone won the news day and lost the story

From TPM, a classic tale of print media sluggishness, and a cautionary tale of how withholding the online goods can be a costly proposition.

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Read this: why Crist now leads the Florida Senate race

The polls show a clear trend in the governor’s favor: Peter Schorsch offers some very coherent explanation as to why. My column today also delves a bit into the reasons behind Crist’s apparent immunity to the “flip-flopper” curse (more proof … Continue reading

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Florida ad-watch: McCollum hits Scott on abortion, immigration

McCollum plays all the right wing cards in the deck in an increasingly desperate attempt to take down the smoke monster. In his new ad, he hits Krueger on abortion, illegal immigration, and of course, Medicare fraud. What? No ‘countenancing … Continue reading

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Morning clicks: McChrystal out, Petraeus in; Crist’s Democratic friends, Abramoff’s new job

Landon Donovan is the man. And he’s likely going to be a very, very rich one, once the endorsements start rolling in. After scoring the goal heard round the world, (which you can watch here) he even thanked his ex-wife. … Continue reading

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This week’s Herald column: ‘year of the interlopers’

The column is up and running at the Herald. Take a look and let me know what you think! A clip: Hours after their truly nasty debate in Palm Beach, I asked the Kendrick Meek and Jeff Greene campaigns if … Continue reading

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