Bosom buddies: the Jim Greer, Michael Steele connection

I know Michael Steele would love to run and hide from Jim Greer. What Republican tainted by him wouldn’t? But in the immortal words of Bette Davis in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, “ya AHre, Blanche, ya AHre in that chair.” From CNN, an untidy flashback of the Steele-Greene connection:

After endorsing Steele three weeks before last January’s hotly-contested election, Greer quickly became one of Steele’s most prominent backers within the RNC. Steele later backed Greer to chair the powerful RNC Rules Committee, a position Greer gave up when he resigned as Florida GOP chairman earlier this year under pressure from party activists upset his with handling of party funds.

Greer, who once considered his own bid to head the RNC, was also one of Steele’s top financial backers during the six-way race for the chairmanship.

On Jan. 28, 2009, two days before Steele’s victory, Greer directed $15,000 from his campaign 527 account to the “Steele for Chairman” committee, according to publicly available filings with the IRS. It was one of the largest direct contributions to Steele’s bid by any donor.

Two weeks later, according to the affidavit filed Wednesday by Florida prosecutors, Greer tapped that same 527 account, the “Jim Greer for Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida Committee,” for seed money to help open the shell company that ultimately landed him in the hands of Florida law enforcement officials.

Heye said the “Steele for Chairman” account is now closed.

And now for the really cool irony part:

Steele addressed the Greer scandal earlier this year, after Greer stepped down amid claims that he had mis-managed party funds, but before he was arrested.

“I don’t like what I’m hearing” about how Greer was spending money at the RPOF, Steele told the Orlando Sentinel in February.

Steele also told the paper that he had ”a very honest conversation” with Greer before he resigned from the party in January. He said he told Greer, “you have to make the people who put you in the job comfortable with what you’re doing.”

Yes, and nobody knows “making the people who put you in the job comfortable with what you’re doing” … like Michael Steele.

Tomorrow, I’ll profile more of Greer’s “bosom buddies,” bringing it closer to home, to the sunshine state.

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