David Rivera a no-show at Miami forum

Apparently, Congressional wanna-be David Rivera had better things to do than attend the Downtown Bay Forum’s District 25 candidate introductory event today. I’ve done one of these — they’re wonderful events, and a golden opportunity to present yourself to important movers and shakers in the Miami political community. Rivera apparently disagrees. But when you’ve dissed my girl, Helen Ferre, who hosts both the DBF and WPBT’s “Issues,” you’ve pretty much declared war. So war it is … From the in-box:

From the Joe Garcia campaign:

MIAMI-  On Wednesday, June 30th, the Downtown Bay Forum held an event, moderated by Helen Ferre of WPBT, to introduce the community and the press to the candidates campaigning for Florida’s 25th congressional district.  Leading candidates from both parties attended, including Paul Crespo, Marili Cancio, Luis Meurice, and Joe Garcia.  Conspicuously absent from the event was Republican frontrunner David Rivera, who had RSVP’d along with the others.  Why couldn’t he attend?  Fellow Republican Paul Crespo suggested that he was probably too busy collecting contributions from lobbyists.  One volunteer for the Downtown Bay Forum in deed claimed to have been told by the Rivera campaign that it was more important for David to solicit contributions than attend the forum.  Even Downtown Bay Forum President Annette Isenberg apologized to the audience that David Rivera “did not see fit” to attend.

David Rivera has a notorious track record of avoiding the press and refusing to explain his positions to the community on key issues.  We urge David Rivera to more fully embrace his responsibility to the voters of South Florida and participate more openly in the local democratic process.

Gather … your … armies …

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2 Responses to David Rivera a no-show at Miami forum

  1. Miami Republic says:

    RIVERA really was raising money!!

    UPDATE: A spokeswoman for Rivera’s campaign, Leslie Veiga, said: “Rep. Rivera informed the forum over a month ago that he was going to be out of town due to a prior engagement.” She said he was “fundraising and doing other events.”

    Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2010/06/rivera-ducks-debate.html#ixzz0sRQ2pnwG

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