Flash poll: Florida attorney general Democratic primary

Democrats battling for the Florida A.G. spot: State Senators Dan Gelber (left) and Dave Aronberg (right)

Now that Dan Gelber and Dave Aronberg are actually making some news with the Notorious B-P controversy (the latest here), let’s get an idea of what folks are thinking so far in this race. In this corner, you’ve got Dan Gelber: hero of the netroots, woulda-been U.S. Senate candidate and former mayor of Miami Beach … and in this corner, Dave Aronberg: Harvard man, prosecutor of Miss Cleo (“CALL me now!”) … 2008 contender for Southwest Florida’s hottest bachelors (he may still be a bachelor, but I’m not sure a new “hot” list has come out,) and young-gun challenger for the state’s top law job.

Have you made up your mind in this race? Cast your vote (and don’t worry, Research 2000 has nothing to do with it…)

[poll id="110"]

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28 Responses to Flash poll: Florida attorney general Democratic primary

  1. Lauren says:

    Go Dan! Dan Gelber has the leadership and experience as a trial lawyer and prosecutor that we need in this state NOW! Plus, he has the voting record to back up what he says – he votes for public education consistently, to protect the environment against over development, to hold the insurance companies accountable. This race should be a no-brainer for any Florida Democrat.

  2. Stanley T. says:

    Dan all the way! We NEED Dan’s principled ethics and his real courtroom experience, not someone who’s never tried a case before! Dan will fight back against BP, big insurance deregulation and for quality public education…Dems, wake up and see the difference! Dan Gelber is your guy!

  3. Kathy Morris says:

    Dan is clearly the better candidate for this post. Dan has years and years of experience and I don’t think Dave has never tried a case. I’m also concerned about Dave’s fundraising controversies. Mendehlson gave him $50k (has anyone asked him to explain what Alan got for such a big contribution to his campaign??) and he has been collecting money in a sketchy PAC. Not behavior I want my AG engaging in.

    Dan is the only serious candidate in this race. GO DAN!

  4. Henri Spiegel says:

    This poll speaks volumes about the abilities of the candidates. Senator Gelber’s vast experience in the courtroom protecting Florida’s citizens will make him an extraordinary Attorney General. Dave Aronberg’s lack of any relevant litigation experience will make him an also-ran in the race to become the Democratic candidate.

  5. JReid says:

    Where is the Aronberg Nation? I guess Gelber really is a strong netroots guy … either that, or I need to build my Harvard alumni readership … #alumnifail

  6. jreid says:

    Well, 1,367 votes later, the poll seems to have crashed, and taken the poll database with it. If you’re having trouble seeing poll results, that’s why. Working on it. Suffice it to say that Dan Gelber won, handily. Last check Dave Aronberg was at about 4 percent, just behind “undecided.” Gelber winning by Saddam Hussein-like proportions.

    Hopefully I’ll have the poll working again by tomorrow, but I think my rather spur of the moment question is pretty well answered…

  7. Chazz says:

    Last results I saw when I voted last night were Gelber 91% Undecided 6% Aronberg 3%…the actual race might be a little closer, but the outcome will be the same: Dan Gelber will be our next Attorney General!

  8. Robyn says:

    Dave Aronberg has the talent, the drive, and the experience for this position, and unlike his opponent, the position of Attorney General is not his “back up” plan. Dave has spent the last several years protecting consumers in the State of Florida, and as Attorney General, will continue the Good Fight!!!! Go Dave.

  9. MIchelle says:

    ARONBERG is the man for the job for Florida Attorney General!
    He has far more experience and integrity than his opponent, Gelber…

    Take the time to review Dave Aronberg’s resume:
    a Harvard graduate- consumer advocate- top-notch lawyer-Florida Senator and all of his professional accomplishments and law enforcement endorsements speak volumes, as to why the people of Florida should vote for him. Dave has my vote!

  10. Joe says:

    Go Dave Go!!! It’s funny how Dan Gelber and his supporters talk about “experience.” Hey Dan how about you talk about the ISSUES. On how you will protect Florida on consumer issues, or how you will battle BP against your “former”(nice severance package) law firm. All I know is that when I vote in this up coming election I won’t be voting for the guy who saw the AG’s office as a second place trophy.

  11. Brad says:

    Dave all the way, he’s going to win this poll and win the race. 100% the most qualified candidate for the job.

  12. Disgruntled Palm Baech voter says:

    Dave is a politician who has used the Attorney General’s office as a stepping stone already. Back in 2002 when he “returned to the AG’s office” he announced one month later he was running for State Senate in South Florida. Now who was he protecting in the office? His launch of a political career or Floridians? And to be a pro-consumer advocate he has to vote on the side of consumers- And Dave is no friend of consumers- he has voted 100-percent of the time for insurance rate increases- totally against consumers- In fact, the Palm Beach Post called him the most anti-consumer legislator and candidate for Attorney General. While I don’t know Dan’s record entirely, I know he sounds much better than Dave Aronberg. Signed- a disgruntled Palm Beach voter and constituent of Dave Aronberg-

  13. Jack says:

    In case you missed it in the Daily Business Review from yesterday, Dave’s old boss and “role model” defended Gelber- (http://www.dailybusinessreview.com/news.html?news_id=63539)

    Maybe it’s time for Dave Aronberg to realize that he lacks the experience and legal certitude to serve as our next AG- he has nothing to Dan Gelber’s experience. Dan actually wrote laws after 9/11 to protect our state. What has Dave done? Dan passed a seniors discount prescription drug program- again, what has Dave done-

    Duckin Dave needs to answer questions about his role in a covered up 527 PAC that paid for his staff- We don’t need an AG who is breaking the laws- (http://blogs.tampabay.com/buzz/2010/05/dave-aronberg-may-have-broken-election-law.html)

  14. Josh says:

    Dave all the way!

  15. Daniel Mironov says:

    David is the young blood we need in this state. He is an outstanding candidate for the attorney general’s office!! His background, education and forthrightness is exactly what we need for the state of Florida. Go Dave, Go!!

  16. Claudia D. says:

    Dan is what Florida needs at a time like this. Aronberg seems childish.

  17. elaine s says:

    it was Dan’s father senior judge Seymour Gelber who was mayor of Miami Beach while Dan was earning his chops as a federal prosecutor, state representative and state senator. As a married man with three small children his decision to resign from his law firm because of the firm’s decision to represent BP is another example of this principled, decent man’s value system.
    In these trouble times we need Dan’s energy, his experience , his talent.

  18. Dr Deb says:

    I must say Senator Aronberg is not my regional senator…ours doesn’t even know our area exists! When I had a problem with legislation for our charity, I contacted Dave as I grasped at straws…He jumped right in, even though I was not in his district…he has stepped up to the plate for many of us even though we were unable to vote for him. He cares about the people, period. It does not matter whether you are his district…HE CARES!! Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone not owned by the system for a change?!?

  19. Donna says:

    Now that Team Aronberg has found this site – we are voting and showing our support.
    Dave is the best. Glad to support his campaign.

  20. JReid says:

    Ok, we’ve finally got ourselves a race!

  21. Disgruntled Palm Baech voter says:

    Yea and Team Gelber is in the lead-

  22. Mike says:

    Dan Gelber is by far the best person for the job. He is far more experienced than Aronberg.

  23. Sydney says:

    Dave Aronberg has my vote! Dave has known he wanted to serve as Florida’s Attorney for several years. I kinda feel a bit sorry for those canvassers that walked for Dan in 2008. They helped elect him to State Senate, and 2 months later he was campaigning for US Senate. Then he gave that up and started campaigning for AG …. poor Dan, he hasn’t yet figured out what he wants to do … other than campaign.

  24. Daryl says:

    Where has Dan been this past year? Dave Aronberg has been all over this state; meanwhile doing his present job and making time to discuss the issues with everyone. Dan has yet to even for an appearance. Dave has shown up numerous times including showing his support at major Democratic Events. Even at Democratic conferences, where is Dan? MIA? Dave took the time to make an appearance and discuss issues important to everyone. Dave had no problem listening to the concerns of others and offering solutions. Dan has campaigned for years, yet where is he? Dave Arongberg has proven to be an effective leader who has and will continue to fight for Floridians. Dan Gelber still hasn’t even taken the time to visit those voters who I’m guessing he expects should vote for him. So far all I have heard about Dan Gelber is that he likes to campaign for many positions. Does he even know what he wants?

    I think I’ll stick with the person who I know will do the best job and actually show up. …….Dave Arongberg

  25. Tampa Bay Dem says:

    Dave really wants to be Attorney General. Because he wants to be Attorney General. He’s been running for that office since 2007 and I have never seen anyone who loves being a candidate as much as Dave. He is the definition of Career Politician.
    Dan has character and leadership that Dave lacks. He wants to be Attorney General because it’s the way he can best serve the people of Florida.

  26. jenna says:

    DAVE ALL THE WAY!!!! this man in one of my biggest heroes!!! He is a real Floridian who has his heart and mind the right place!!

  27. Zane Thomas says:

    Each year elections seem to take on greater and greater importance… this election year is no different. I think there is a very important distinction to be made here between a public servant and a politician. Public servants are renowned for exuding an abundance of two character traits that are absolutely essential to the public trust — Honor and Integrity. Politicians, on the other hand, have many qualities but seldom are honor and integrity among them.

    Dan Gelber is an honorable man of great integrity. Dan Gelber is a true public servant.

  28. Simcha Stein says:

    Just stumbled across this poll, but if these are the final results on election day, then the better person will have won! I’ve been very impressed with Dan’s experience when we’ve met, especially as a prosecutor. Dave lacked gravitas and just didn’t seem serious…he just wanted me to wear a sticker. I’m voting for Dan and I think most Dems will too, and plenty of R’s and independents in the fall.

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