Intended consequences? Hispanics leaving Arizona

And that includes legal immigrants:

Arizona’s tough new immigration enforcement law is fueling an exodus of Hispanics from the state seven weeks before it goes into effect, according to officials and residents in the state.

Though no one has precise figures, reports from school officials, businesses and individuals indicate worried Hispanics — both legal and illegal — are leaving the state in anticipation of the law, which will go into effect July 29.

Schools in Hispanic areas report unusual drops in enrollment. The Balsz Elementary School District is 75% Hispanic, and within a month of the law’s passage, the parents of 70 students pulled them out of school, said District Superintendent Jeffrey Smith. The district lost seven students over the same one-month period last year, and parents tell Smith the Arizona law is the reason for leaving.

“They’re leaving to another state where they feel more welcome,” he said.

But maybe, the exodus is part of the point of the law:

Paul Senseman, a spokesman for Brewer, said it’s difficult to gauge how many people are leaving because of the law, but he said he hears similar reports of people leaving the state.

“If that means that fewer people are breaking the law, that is absolutely an accomplishment,” he said.

… blanching Arizona certainly is the purpose of the more overtly racist supporters of the “show me your papers” law, and by now we’ve heard about the creepy backgrounds of the men who thought the law up in the first place. Sadly, the bad guys appear to be winning at the moment. More on the story here.

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5 Responses to Intended consequences? Hispanics leaving Arizona

  1. I see you linked to Angry White Dude under the link of “overtly racist.” Since namecalling is the only argument you libs have, I’m sure you would be surprised to learn Angry White Dude is married to a legal immigrant and is fully fluent in Spanish, having lived in South America for 3 years.

    As much as you want to spin it, it comes down to following the law. That’s all. Try telling the truth sometime, you might find you like it.


  2. RichardShelby says:

    USA should be only for European Whites. All others need to go back to their place of origin. Now that the law has been put in your hands, Arizonians, we hope you’ll use it to send the message that immigrants and non European Whites are not welcomed. If you see a non-white driving, make it your duty to do your jobs.

    Finally our kids can walk the streets and we don’t have to put up with colored people. This is a start there will be more to come. Write to FAIR and the Tea Party, and thank them for doing this for us. Also the Governor of Arizona, she deserves a trophy for being a hero and breaking the mold. Support the Republican Party; let us finish what we have started. The days of white Anglo Saxon America is near. Further Arizona’s law should be modified in Florida as well where in its application it starts a dialog to send back Cubans, Hatians and their children back to their homelands. They have been here too long living off our tax money and labor.
    Thanks FAIR.

  3. JReid says:

    Yeah, whatever Angry White Dude. The first defense of racists is always “but I dated coloreds! Hell, I’m married to one!” Every post on your site contains a stream of hatred directed mostly at African-Americans and secondarily at Mexicans. You are a racist. Embrace it.

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    All I have to say is that the Arizona Governor needs a medal. I am a legal citizen. I can care less what color or nationality you are, if you are here illegally, then you are breaking the law.
    My forfathers and most other people’s forfathers came here legally through ellis island. They kissed the ground when they got there, never expected a handout, and spoke ENGLISH. I consider it a slap in the face of every american solder and citizen to have people living here expecting US to speak spanish, put all government docunentation in SPANISH and to accept them flying the mexican flag on american soil.

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