Mo’ clicks: me llamo Freddy Kreuger, the vanishing Mr. Rubio, Gelber’s BP problem **UPDATED**

Trending in Florida news:

The question of the day is: Marco who? (Or: how to peak too early and box yourself in with the wingers, and only the wingers.) Earth to Marco: when your “base” is people whose question at a rally is, “is Obama destroying America?” you are not a viable general election candidate.)

But at least the Facebookers still like him!

In other news: Rick Scott (R, Elm Street) — pioneering campaign strategy by bringing Cuban coffee to Cubans. Jesus, take the wheel … Luckily, he didn’t ask any of the abuelas for their papers …

CORRECTED: Finally, something interesting about the Dem A.G. race: Dan Gelber quit his big-ticket law firm, Akerman Senterfitt, last Thursday after not Notorious B-P hired it for its defense.  Gelber’s campaign disclosed his resignation after his opponent, Dave Aronberg raised the issue of conflict of interest. (An earlier version of “clicks” said Gelber resigned after Aronberg raised the issue, however he had already resigned. Read more about it here.) Big hat tip to the blog sensei, Peter Schorsch, who hipped me to this story hours before it hit the SPTimes. **UPDATE: Gelber calls resignation call “sophomoric,” Schorsch sees “advantage: Aronberg…” Brian Crowley seems to agree Gelber’s got a problem

Meanwhile, a bunch of Democrats who failed to win statewide office are raising money for Gelber. I’m not sure that’s good mojo …

Meanwhile, some dude from Naples wants his $500 back, so he files a class action lawsuit against Charlie Crist. I thought Republicans hated lawyers … Hey, maybe he should hire Akerman Senterfitt?

There was a minor-dust-up between the Meek and Greene campaigns over Greene’s connection to former “Hollywood madam” Heidi Fleiss (Team Meek held a conference call with a bunch of angry women, even.) You can get more Heidi Fleiss fix here, in case you’re one of the like, ten people who care that Jeff Greene knows Heidi Fleiss (is it just me that gets the feeling a lot of reporters just want a ride on Greene’s party yacht?) For the record, the Greene campaign clarified for me today that Greene met Heidi at a party or something or other through a mutual friend, and then she had some problems with a violent boyfriend and he put her up in his guest house because he was just being a nice guy and, oh, hell I’m bored already and Heidi Fleiss is like, a 90s story, right? Next!

… oh and by the way, I don’t care about the Mike Tyson thing, either. I was a huge fan of Mike’s — love boxing — thought Cus D’Amato failed him in the character department and Holyfield head-butted him in the eye so a bite on the ear was the least he deserved, especially with all that playing the Jesus card crap cause dude, it’s boxing … Jesus is indifferent … but beyond that, couldn’t care less that he was in Greene’s wedding. Just sayin’ …

Moving on, Dean Cannon and the rest of the Florida Republican Slush Fund Crew are spending big to take down the smoke monster, and that could be very good news for Alex Sink. Of course, if Rick Scott wins the primary, a whole lot of GOPers are going to get murdered in their nightmares

McCollum has other supporters, too. Like Newt Gingrich, who paid his old Congressional buddy back by endorsing the future Lost island casualty today. Payback for what, you ask? Eric Jotkoff of the Florida Dems, your witness:

Then today former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who admitted to ethics violations to the House Ethics Committee, endorsed career politician Bill McCollum.  In 1995, McCollum voted to kill an “attempt to force a public report on an ethics committee inquiry into” Gingrich’s activities. And then in 1996, McCollum voted to protect Gingrich from an “effort to order the House ethics committee to turn over its entire investigation” to outside counsel. (CQ, Vote 833, 11/30/95; CQ, Vote 287, 6/27/96 and Associated Press, 6/28/96)

“Just like Bill McCollum may have tried to cover-up the scandals at the Republican Party of Florida, in Congress he voted to protect Newt Gingrich from greater public scrutiny and stronger ethics investigations — no wonder Newt Gingrich returned the favor today,” Jotkoff added.

It must be weird to be Amanda Henenberg. She was Charlie Crist’s campaign spokeswoman before quitting once he became an independent. Now, Amanda’s job is to issue press releases saying stuff like this:

“As Floridians’ frustration with the oil spill continues to rise, it’s becoming clear to everyone except Governor Crist that the Obama Administration is failing to solve this crisis. How can the Governor continue to praise this Administration when it has taken 71 days for Vice President Biden to even visit the Gulf, the leak hasn’t been capped, and additional skimmers haven’t been able to make it to the region? This is a real tragedy with real consequences for Floridians, and instead of simply singing the praises of the Obama Administration, Governor Crist should focus on providing concrete solutions for the people of his state.” – Amanda Henneberg, RNC Spokesman

Hey, a girl’s gotta eat (and I hear Michael Steele springs for strip clubs. Haaay!)

Getting outside the Sunshine state:

Virginia’s governor won’t appoint himself to fill Senator Byrd’s seat, and Democrats won’t have to worry about an election for the seat until 2012.

Miss Lindsey will skip climate talks tomorrow.

Scott Brown is playing hard to get on finreg. (Oh, just offer him a tanning bed and be done with it, Harry.) That might not work with Russ Feingold, though. Or Susan Colins. Rats … ship?

Really, GOP? Thurgood Marshall???

And General McChrystal will retire from the Army.

Mexico continues to be absolutely, stupefyingly violent and crazy.

Be alarmed: world leaders “fully believe Israel will attack Iran.”

Meanwhile, Turkey has closed its airspace to Israeli military flights, a further step toward cold relations between the two countries in the wake of that deadly flotilla raid. That matters, because as the map below demonstrates, there are only a few ways Israel could get to Iran, and all but one of them are hostile (with Turkey once being the exception.) Map, courtesy of Atlapedia, below. Would Jordan or Iraq allow Israeli war planes to overfly their territory? Doubtful, even if Washington agreed to it, which I can’t see the Obama administration doing. And the flotilla raid appears to have dashed Charles Krauthammer’s dreams of an Israeli overflight of Turkey, meaning the only route left would be the Fox News overlords in Saudi Arabia. Could that happen? Or worse…

And Russian freakin’ spies!??? (worn out meme of the week: it’s like a spy novel. Yes it is.)

ICYMI: Mike Huckabee would like you to know that he is the front-runner to face Barack Obama in 2012. He’s even moved to Florida, which should lock the state up for him. Now see how much money we just saved the Republican Party instead of having a big, expensive primary?

And ICYMI2: this is really funny, and well done.

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  2. The policial precendent that may have served as warning to @dangelber was Holder’s decision to recuse in USB case.

  3. Richard says:

    Signs of desperation from Meek.
    That TPM piece suggesting he’s toast didn’t help him much either.

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