Morning clicks: Greene-Meek debate, Barton keeps giving, McChrystal on the griddle

Democratic Senate rivals: Kendrick Meek and Jeff Greene.

Happy Nikki Haley primary runoff day!

I’m headed to the Kendrick Meek-Jeff Greene debate hosted by the Palm Beach Post this morning. For those wondering, Maurice Ferre was not invited due to the Post’s rules about poll ratings. I’m hoping he pulls an Alex Snitker and busts the thing wide open. Either way, the action starts at 10 a.m., and you can watch it your darned self on, or follow the bouncing barbs on my Twitter feed. Hey, you do follow my Twitter feed, don’t you? If not, who are you, really…?

BTW at least one odds-maker has already weighed in, and the results should make Jeff Greene happy … sort of …

So what else is going on?

BREAKING this morning: Gen. Stanley McChrystal has been summoned to the White House to explain remarks he made to a reporter in which he mocked Joe Biden, and tolerated an aide putting down the CIC. Not good … The remarks are included in a Rolling Stone article, which isn’t posted yet, and in which apparently McChrystal also says he was betrayed by the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, along with some other choice remarks. Some Washington watchers are already calling on MacChrystal to resign. The general has apologized, but that might not be enough … Developing …

Also on the national front, the would-be Times Square bomber pleads guilty.

And the White House has its first big departure on tap, and it’s not Rahm Emanuel (at least not yet.) But it is a guy with major baby mama drama. I’m thinking he needs to go to the private sector and earn some child support money…

Meanwhile, Joe Barton is continuing to be the gift that keeps on giving. And he’s not alone. The truth about his solidarity with pretty much the entire Republican Party and conservative movement are fully entering the zeitgeist now, with both “The Daily Show” and the “Colbert Report” hitting the Grand Oil Party last night. Uh-oh… Things are getting so dicey, even the official Prophet of Democratic Doom Charlie Cook, who has been predicting that Republicans would win about 1,240 House Seats plus 414 in the Senate, and that the country after November would change its name to SarahPalania, is starting to have doubts about the November prospects of his “Republican friends.” He’s even trying to back-date!

Barton’s future is still in doubt. Tom Price and the 115 members of the Republican Study Group, which Barton was more or less quoting, Rand Paul, Michelle Bachman, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the con-crew? Not so much.

Meanwhile, Michelle Bachman’s opponent in Minnesota has already raised $30 grand to air her commercial slamming Bachman on her defense of British Petroleum against the interests of the American people.

And guess who wants to lift the deep water offshore drilling ban?

J.D. Hayworth has some really crappy sh-t to sell you in an infomercial!

The power of understatement, alive and well at Politico. “Falls short” is when you raise $100,000 instead of the $150,000 you hoped for. $200 bucks for the Rove-Gillespie 527 is a disaster.

The “no duh” poll is alive and well at CBS and the New York Times.

To Florida, where Bill McCollum is eager to debate Freddy Krueger, but probably not so eager to have more excavation of his shady ties to a 527 group.

Meanwhile, Politifact has seen the allegation that Rick Scott made money off a company that helps illegal immigrants send money home, and rated it true. Yeah, that debate would be the shizzle.

More Barton news: it seems he’s toxic to everyone, except Florida Republicans, one of whom plans to raise money with him. Talk about bad timing.

To Miami, where “could a white, openly gay candidate win Kendrick Meek’s Congressional seat?” is a serious question, with 11 people in the race.

The GOP’s Florida Tea Party conspiracy theory goes mainstream, with TPM, Roll Call and the Orlando Sentinel taking up the issue, including allegations from the founder of the party that Republicans are threatening his candidates, and furious back-and-forths over whether the FTP is a GOP front group, an Alan Grayson front group, or just an opportunity some guy seized based on media over-coverage of the tea party movement…

In addition to the MacChrystal scoop, Rolling Stone also has a devastating article on the Obama administration’s failures to stand in the way of BP’s irrational exuberance before, and possibly into the future, in Alaska…

The ref who robbed the U.S. soccer team may be out of gas.

And last but not least, in pop news: how much has dead Michael Jackson earned? $1 … billion … dollars.

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