Rick Scott blasts McCollum ties to ‘pro-homosexuality’ Rudy Giuliani, Jim Greer

What’s a little drag, now and then, and a couple of gay roommates between friends? Apparently, the smoke monster disapproves of Rudy’s “attitude” toward “the gay,” and he’s hitting Bill McCollum for hanging around with the New York reprobate (funny he doesn’t attack him for hiring George “Rentboy” Rekers…) And there’s more … Politico reprints an extraordinarily revealing memo from the Scott campaign.

From Politico‘s Ben Smith:

Attorney General Bill McCollum “endorsed pro-abortion and pro-homosexual rights candidate Rudy Giuliani for president in 2008 and was a Giuliani campaign leader in Florida,” wrote Scott consultant Keith Appell in a memo to reporters.

McCollum faced attacks from the right on gay rights his 2004 Senate bid, but has more recently been criticized for retaining an anti-gay activist since accused of hiring a gay prostitute as an expert witness. [Scott opposes gay adoption, Appell said.]

Politico has the whole memo, some highlights are Scott’s boast that he “put up millions of his own money to fund the fight to stop government-run health care in early 2009″ and to defeat the public option via Conservative’s for Patients’ Rights, his Orwellian town hall disruption outfit; his boast that he “believes life begins at conception,” and that he would have signed the ultrasound bill, and his vow to bring an Arizona-style immigration law to Florida. Scary stuff. But the most interesting part of the memo is its exhaustive exegesis, which could be from an Alex Sink campaign brief, of Bill McCollum’s ties to indicted former Republican Party of Florida chairman Jim Greer:

5) McCollum is embroiled in an ongoing scandal. He obfuscated his already murky role in the Jim Greer investigation – instead of coming clean and letting the chips fall where they may.

· The former head of the Republican Party of Florida, Jim Greer, tried to “clear the field” for Bill McCollum’s run for governor. Greer even made the introduction at McCollum’s campaign kickoff.

· Just last month, Greer was arrested and charged with six felonies, including fraud, theft and money laundering in connection with his duties at the Republican Party of Florida.

· Instead of being transparent due to the obvious conflict of interest, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum refused to appoint a new investigator, instead leaving in place another McCollum ally who gave the maximum contribution allowed by Florida law to McCollum’s gubernatorial campaign: http://www.sunshinestatenews.com/story/greer-tried-clear-field-mccollum

Now McCollum is running from his ties to Greer. But he can’t escape facts:

· McCollum served on the Host Committee to Re-Elect Jim Greer as chairman in 2009.

· McCollum acknowledged having close dealings with Greer as recently as November 2009, saying, “I work with him every day, and I have a good relationship with him.”

· Greer introduced McCollum at his gubernatorial campaign announcement in 2009 and served as a member of McCollum’s finance team.

· Greer pushed to have the state party endorse McCollum in the primary. Though the endorsement move failed, Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson subsequently opted not to run for governor.

· While serving as RPOF chairman, Greer funneled $1.7 million in Republican party funds to McCollum’s flailing gubernatorial campaign.

· Greer sent a letter to the Republican Committee members endorsing McCollum and said the party would back McCollum despite the entry of state Sen. Paula Dockery, R-Lakeland, into the race.

· Greer defended McCollum over complaints that the attorney general steered a no-bid advertising contract to his political consultant. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink had charged that, “a $1.4 million no-bid contract to Attorney General McCollum’s political consultant for ads featuring Mr. McCollum is not the best use of state funds.”

How well is that going to sit with the party bigwigs, just about all of whom are backing McCollum? As a Democrat, I can have only one response to the Scott team’s succinct summation of McCollum’s role in the Greer criminal enterprise:

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2 Responses to Rick Scott blasts McCollum ties to ‘pro-homosexuality’ Rudy Giuliani, Jim Greer

  1. Rupert says:

    Wow. Those photos are tough to look at……

    So Scott believes in guilt by association when it comes to McCollum, but no guilt by himself for Medicare fraud by the hospital he ran. Got it.

  2. Kahleeka says:

    Actually, Scott does own up to the Medicare fraud; he asserts that he was never investigated or charged with any wrongdoing. This is a fact. We are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but it’s hard to believe Scott as CEO knew nothing about this scam.

    The photos are disgusting.

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