Rick Scott goes to Versailles (in Miami); manages not to ask for anyone’s green card

Como ... se ... llama ... amiiiiigoooo....

Freddy Krueger/Smoke Monster made the obligatory trip to Miami’s ultimate Cuban hangout (it’s a must-do if you’re just a normal person visiting Miami, too. Muy bien!) … and, he managed to screw it up:

Faux paus #1: He mysteriously came and went within five minutes. Later, he said he wanted to talk to patrons without the media – even though his campaign had invited the press.

Faux paus #2: The Naples resident admitted he had never had Cuban coffee. Que horror! Apparently told that drinking coffee at Versailles was not optional, he tried to explain to the waitress — in English — that he’s not a coffee drinker. She brought him an unidentified coffee-like beverage that he declared was delicious.

Faux paus #3: Scott was forced to admit that not a cent of the $11 million he has spent on television advertising was in Spanish. (Also, a lot of his ads tout a new Arizona law that requires immigrants to carry their green cards and allows police to question suspected illegals that they stop or arrest.)

Full story here. And it contains this rather ironic quote from a pro-Scott patron:

“As an immigrant, I had to go through the steps of legalizing,” said Jose Guerra, 67, a Cuban native who said he would likely vote for Scott. “If you come here as an illegal, you should be sent back. Everyone should go by the same rules. The Arizona law should be continued all over the country, including in this state.”

That’s ironic, given that “Cuban natives” like Jose are admitted into the U.S. under a special immigration policy that citizens of no other country on earth have access to, including the “wet foot, dry foot” policy, which allows migrants who enter the U.S. by sea — something that would normally be very much illegal — to remain in the U.S., and even enter a green card lottery, so long as their feet touch dry land. Under “wet foot/dry foot,” also called the “Cuban Adjustment Act,” a group of Haitians and a group of Cubans trying to get into the country on the same boat, can be separated on shore, and only the “illegal” Haitians will be sent back to their country. In addition, the U.S. has a special protocol under which it admits 20,000 Cubans to emigrate to the U.S. each year, over and above the relatives of Cubans already living in America. So it’s cool that Jose favors following the law. It’s just that he should probably be informed that people like him live by a slightly different law than everybody else.

… which is why outside of very conservative, older Cuban-Americans, Hispanics are going to shun Rick Scott like he’s … Freddy Krueger.

Meanwhile, RedCounty Black GOPer Nadia Naffe has a quite interesting take on what Scott might do to the dynamics of November:

Scott’s accountability message is attracting the same Tea Party folks that pushed Marco Rubio into the forefront of the U.S. Senate race and forced Charlie Crist out of the GOP primary. Orlando Tea-party activist Nick Egoroff, who rallied his fellow Tea-Partiers to support Paula Dockery, said he had been doing research on Rick Scott. “Also, found some interesting blog backgrounders on Scott. He’s looking good,” Egoroff said on Facebook.

Sources say, Tea-Party organizers and 10th Amendment supporters are busy planning their next round of tea-parties supporting the enactment of an Arizona-style immigration law here in Florida.

But Rick Scott’s position on immigration, as good as it is, does not help Marco Rubio. Because of the dynamics of a three-way race, my fear is, Scott will – certainly not intentionally, siphon votes away from Rubio in the general election.

If Scott wins the GOP primary for governor, he will lead the ticket. Voters who approve of Scott will likely vote Republican – strait down the ticket in the general election. But with the Hispanic vote in play, we could see voters who oppose Scott, split their vote against Rubio two different ways – likely pushing votes to Crist.

Indeed, Orlando-area tea partiers are planning a caravan to Arizona to rally in support of the “show me your papers” law, but these are the same folks who (at least the Libertarian leaners among them) are reportedly starting to sour on Rubio, not just over immigration, but also over his big-spending ways, and refusal to be “vetted” by their groups.

It stays interesting …

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