‘Runaway General’ McChrystal a goner?

General Stanley McChrystal

If there’s one cardinal rule of military life, it is this: never publicly criticize anyone up the chain of command, and for God sakes, not the commander in chief. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who also won’t have many friends among his colleagues now since he bashed them, too … will meet with his bosses tomorrow, including President Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and odds are he won’t leave the White House employed.

More on the McChrystal screw-up from The Daily Beast.

Meanwhile, the civilian press aide who arranged the general’s media availability with Rolling Stone (which given RS’ avant garde journalistic style was probably a dumb idea to begin with) has resigned. Will his scalp be enough?

Lots of opinions out there, ranging from “>fire him to let him stay and talk openly about the Afghan policy (plus, military people don’t like Democrats … (you mean the way they hated Don Rumsfeld, or a different way…?) to the now-familiar, “blame Obama” to Politico’s predictable: “all for Obama is lost.”

The smartest commentary so far, from “Stars and Stripes,” calls Obama’s decision a no-win situation. He can fire the general and risk looking like he’s lost control of the war, or keep the general and look like he’s lost control of the generals. Not good.

Probably what the president should do is use this opportunity to get rid of something bigger than McChrystal, namely, the Afghan and Iraq wars. Just a thought.

Meanwhile at long last (and perhaps move up?) you can now read RS’ “The Runaway General” for yourself. Enjoy.

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