Who’s lazier: John Boehner, or the toilet-trained D.C. media? (Video)

People are talking about Joe Scarborough’s knock on House minority slurrer John Boehner, and his lazy, bar-hopping ways. But the video below reveals something that might be even worse. Watch as two Washington insider reporters literally squirm at the prospect of having to concur with Scarborough’s assessment of Boehner, which Morning Joe insists is widely known and common among Hill Republicans. Neither Jim Vandehei (formerly of the WaPo, now with Politico) nor Mark Halperin can bring themselves to agree that Boehner is not a hard worker. Watch them squirm:

And recall that it’s Politico, the ultimate toilet-trained, insider media village publication, that has taken up Boehner’s defense. And it’s not exactly a bombshell that Boehner seems to be a drunk. I mean, have you heard him talk …? He slurs like a wino!

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One Response to Who’s lazier: John Boehner, or the toilet-trained D.C. media? (Video)

  1. Flo says:

    And Mika says “duh”….
    FoxNews really should make her an offer.

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