You be the judge: this “dude” says he’s not a racist

After linking in this post to a fellow calling himself “Angry White Dude,” whose blog is dedicated to the “defense of the most ridiculed and unappreciated being on the planet…THE WHITE MALE” (his subhead), Mr. “Dude” apparently took exception to my characterization of him and his site as overtly racist. His reply:

I see you linked to Angry White Dude under the link of “overtly racist.” Since namecalling is the only argument you libs have, I’m sure you would be surprised to learn Angry White Dude is married to a legal immigrant and is fully fluent in Spanish, having lived in South America for 3 years.

Well that clears that up … So, I figured by way of fairness, I’d post a sampling of quotes from Angry White Dude’s blog, with no bolding or other highlights from me, so you can judge for yourselves. Achtung, amigo!

First, from “Dude’s” latest opus:


posted by ANGRY WHITE DUDE 9:28 PM
Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Maybe he objected to McDonalds concentrating solely on the black market in their advertising. Maybe he told a gay joke after seeing the latest McDonald’s commercial in France featuring a young poofter pining for his male schoolmate. Maybe he objected to the Big Mac being changed to the Big Black. Whatever the reason, Ronald McDonald is out of a job!

Next up, a clip from a post about apparent “Black flight” from Dallas-area schools with growing Hispanic populations entitled:


posted by ANGRY WHITE DUDE 4:59 PM
Sunday, June 6, 2010

… Isn’t it interesting that blacks parents are doing exactly what they criticized whites for doing in the 70’s when forced integration destroyed the school systems across the country. White flight was, of course, racist. Blacks running from Hispanics is a desire for a better education for their children. A black grandparent whose granddaughter attends a Charter school said:

“I don’t want my grandkid in that environment where the teachers don’t teach and the kids wear saggy pants. You don’t see that at the charter school.”

Exactly! So maybe now blacks can understand why whites moved in droves to the suburbs and refused to let their children attend large city public schools. How would anyone like their white child to be one of the 5% in the Dallas Public Schools? They have a name for those white kids in the DISD…..victims!
Yeah, those Black kids sure looked like trouble…
Another gem:


posted by ANGRY WHITE DUDE 5:48 PM
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

… It was interesting to watch the genteel white people watch this wild black guy pushing that woman and hitting her husband. Couldn’t any of those people come to the aid of the people being battered? Why did they just stand there and watch? I can’t see this turning out the same way in Texas. Not with the people I know. There will come a time when white men will have to grow a pair! I suggest we start!

The black guy came to the protest looking for trouble. He was the typical ghetto type trying to win by force. Since he was incapable of winning the people over verbally, he quickly resorted to violence and threats.

Why isn’t this on the news? Isn’t it news when a black person attacks a white woman and her husband exercising their First Amendment rights? Of course not! Hell, that poor black man’s ancestors were slaves, for heaven’s sake! Imagine the outcome if a white person entered a black protest and started pushing and hitting people. Hell, in Philadelphia and Denver white people merely have to walk down the street to get pelted by gangs of blacks.

Sidebar: I grew up in Denver. The Black population there is like, 5 percent. There aren’t enough of us there to form one gang, let alone “gangs…” and the largest majority Black neighborhood, Montbello, where I lived, looks like the town in “Leave it to Beaver.”  … our neighbors borrowed sugar, even …

Next up, “Dude” does “parody”!


posted by ANGRY WHITE DUDE 3:41 PM
Wednesday, June 9, 2010
And all this time we thought it was slavery! The Los Angeles NAACP is not happy….again! They are upset over a Hallmark graduation card that refers to “Black Holes.” They say it is talking about “black ho’s” or the black ghetto slang for black women who are less than virtuous.

This is not the first time the term “black hole” has riled up some politically correct negroes. Dallas County Commissioner (and real life thug) John Wiley Price started a ruckus last year because a white commissioner said Dallas central collections “had become a black hole” because paperwork was continually being lost. Price the thug said, “Excuse me! The office had become a ‘white hole’.” And we wonder why all black-run Dallas is a disaster zone? Here’s AWD’s post from July 10th on that lunatic:



These NAACP groups show the pathetic nature of the civil rights movement and why the movement is not needed anymore. Can anyone imagine women being attacked by dogs in Bull Connor’s Alabama saying, “man, that Hallmark graduation card is the real problem here…not that dog biting me in the ass!” These race baiters have made money off of supposed racism for decades now and they’re not readily going to give up their meal tickets. So they have to invent racism. What else would they do for a living if not for the NAACP? They have no talent. They could only turn to rapping or politics.

And here’s one more, in which “Dude” takes on the president, who apparently, is just anotha nigga forgetting to not look Dude directly in the eye:


posted by ANGRY WHITE DUDE 9:36 PM
Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It just goes to show…you can take the community organizer out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the community organizer! Look out people, President Hussein Hopenchange is ass-kickin’ mad! He’s come to chew bubble gum and kick ass and he’s all out of bubble gum! Anyone trembling yet? Picked yourself up off the floor from laughing? That kind of talk might go over well at the local Chicago ACORN meeting but is ridiculed world wide.

And lest you think Obama being more educated than Dude (who I’m assuming found George W. Bush to be much more his cup of white tea,) might hold him back:

Obama’s frustration is showing. It wasn’t supposed to be this hard. The world was supposed to lay down and let him pass like they did in all those politically correct and corrupt universities and state senates! Remember, Hope and Change or something! Hey, he was the Editor for the Harvard Law Review for heaven’s sake! The only one in history to have never written an article! Barack Hussein Obama is the perfect example of how Affirmative Action does not work!

Oh yeah, not… racist… at… all… (or homophobic, either…)

Now I should say that I really don’t care if “Dude” can’t stand Black people, thinks we’re all “thugs” and ghetto trash, or that we can’t get into Harvard without shoving some poor white kid in the cellar and stealing his admission letter (I’d post my SAT scores and high school GPA for “Dude’s” review, but that would just be bragging, and he’s really not worth the trouble.) And the beauty of the Internet is that he, and the weirdos at VDARE, and the FReepers, and all the other bottom feeding, throwback, segregation-idealizing, immigrant fearing, backwards, Obamaphobic, ignorant racists out there get to speak their minds, free from interference, including from me. And good for them. I, for one, like to see the racists coming. I just wish they’d stop hiding behind their “immigrant wives” (hello, Lou Dobbs!) and embrace who they are.

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5 Responses to You be the judge: this “dude” says he’s not a racist

  1. Mustang Bobby says:

    The dude may not burn a cross on the White House lawn, but he might stop by and toast a few marshmallows….

  2. Lenrouq says:

    I agree with Mustang….his attitude is so racist (and the people that follow him) that it’s invisible to him or those who like to comment on his stuff.

    thank you for putting this up…I commented on some of his stuff and got blasted….lol…
    I thought I was the only one who saw the “obvious”
    Thanks for your insight….

  3. Lenrouq says:

    I was a little angry/sarcastic when I did it but as I said before, “the racist attitude on this page is so pervasive that it’s invisible”

    I agreed to disagree on some stuff, but other stuff was grounds for definite disapproval.

  4. Getover Yerself says:

    The term “You People” was never racist until someone magically made it so during a campaign speech by Ross Perot. Ross was NOT referring to black people but only to the group of people — you — that was listening to his speech.

    When Bill Cosby does his routine about “Different bears for different people” he is Openly Racist when he explains, “Black bears are for black people, brown bears are for brown people, but YOU PEOPLE don’t have a bear. The Polar Bear is for Polish people.”

    White people do NOT complain about the Open Racism of black comedians because White people have more dignity than that.

    Get a Fyking Life


  5. Jezzie says:

    “The dude may not burn a cross on the White House lawn, but he might stop by and toast a few marshmallows….”

    ROFL…..yeah, the comment section on a lot of the posts is horrible. Like you said, he may not burn a cross…but he sure has followers that will. lol

    @GETOVERYERSELF…and black people don’t complain about South Park, Family Guy, Drawn Together, All in the Family, and any other show or stand up that use race jokes because it’s all about context. If you have no affiliation with who you’re joking about then the joke bears a different meaning. It becomes people joking about people they look down on . Get a Fyking clue.

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