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“Tea partier” Mark Williams writes ‘letter to Abe Lincoln’ … from the ‘coloreds’ **UPDATED**

If you’re feeling pissy that the NAACP condemned your witch doctor signage and you’re out to prove that your movement isn’t racist, wouldn’t it help not to actually say anything that might be construed as racist?

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Midday clicks: Jeff Greene’s campaign manager out, more Mad Mel, and Marc Sarnoff: worst person in the world

Shakeup on aisle five… Jeff Greene’s campaign manager is out. The new manager comes to Team Greene from the House of Graham. For Florida politicos: Michael Bender is live-tweeting the Smoke Monster v. Bil McCollum’s matching funds hearing. A new … Continue reading

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Immigration fight getting uglier: Utahans circulate ‘the list’

It’s not unusual during times of economic trouble, for people (in any country) to turn on the “aliens” in their midst, to lash out at immigrants as a quick solution to their despair, and to scapegoat racial and ethnic minorities … Continue reading

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Retire … your … armies

Rick Barber, one of the most entertaining tea partiers on the political scene this year, lost his Congressional primary bid yesterday, and he lost big. Well, Rick, we’ll always have your highly entertaining commercials… Abe? Please weigh in, just one … Continue reading

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Lil’ Mama Grizzly goes rogue: Bristol is marrying Levi **UPDATED**

Put another chapter in that new tween book, Sarah Clampett. Ellie Mae’s gettin’ hitched to Ricky Hollywood. Money quote after the jump. Meanwhile, could Bristol and Levi be angling to be the next “John and Kate”??? Inquiring minds …

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A glimpse of Florida’s future? MLB All-Star boycott brewing

If Yovani Gallardo of the Milwaukee Brewers gets picked for All Star, he ain’t going. Ditto for Tampa Bay’s Joakim Soria and Detroit’s Jose Valverde. A-Rod is being a punk (and that’s from a Yankee fan) and refusing to say … Continue reading

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Morning clicks: Bubba to stump for Meek, NAACP vs. the tea parties, Sarah 2012

It’s not surprising, but seems confirmed: Bill Clinton will campaign for Kendrick Meek in Florida next month. Clinton has a pretty good win streak going, having helped Bye-Bye Blanche survive a primary challenge fueled by Big Labor, so she can … Continue reading

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