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A nightmare on 21st Street (Rick Scott in my neighborhood)

All I can say is, I just hope those poor, innocent people are okay… So how long did the creepy bald guy spend “campaigning?” …

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The grifter: Glenn Beck wanted to charge 8/28 rally attendees

A line from the lengthy Politico exegesis on Glenn Beck stands out for its, well, its illuminating nature regarding Beck’s blatant hucksterism when it comes to his followers. Regarding his August 28 “Let’s Pee on MLK” rally, Politico’s Kenneth Vogel … Continue reading

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Poker Fail: Matalin sees one Mark Williams, raises a Jeremiah Wright

Okay, okay, I get it … everybody on the right is taking the same drugs, right…?

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How Ben Jealous beat the tea parties **UPDATED**

The pundit class can go back and forth over whether the NAACP tea party resolution backfired or didn’t, but thanks to one Mark Williams, this fight is over. We can now declare a winner.

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